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spinz.io app

Spinz.io is now available on your android device, the most recent spinz.io app is available on 9Apps ate there are over 10,000 downloads of this weekly! The app’s been lend somewhat of a visual makeover, as well. This is a hot app that had been released in the month of July of 2017. You can get it for free.

Playing The Game with Spinz.io App

When you use the spinz.io app for playing the game on your android device you get an awesome multiplayer action game. This game has drawn inspiration from a trendy Fidget Spinner toy. As an io game, it bears a great deal of resemblance to a different trendy IO game, namely Agario. In view of this fact, the game concept is likely to be known to a good number of players. Just as in the game of Agar IO, each and every player has the job of collecting multicolored dots, dotted throughout the playfield.

The difference when playing the game of an android device with the spinz.io app from gar.io is that here the player has to control the fidget spinner! He/she must move his/her spinner all over the map and attempt to amass as numerous dots as likely. The picking up of dots helps a player gain RPM and the one player with the greatest RPM ends up as the leader of this game. The person’s name is shown at the summit of the game rating list. The speedier the rotation of the spinner of a player is the greater the number of dots that it attracts.

spinz.io app

Some Features Of The Game

You require collecting food, getting faster, and crashing stronger.

You require showing your opportunities and getting into the game leader board, staying there for as long a time as probable for showing that you’re even more awesome compared to the other spinners.

You require moving liberally about the map, scoring an increasing number of RPM.

Sudden combats on the game map/ purposeful attacks by different players for getting your RPM, lends the game some unforgettable feelings and dynamics.

What’s New in This Version Of The App?

  1. Enormous visual enhancements, further menu, and so on.
  2. Supplementary settings page for the setting up of your controls the way you want.
  3. On the settings page, a player is free to choose from Low, Medium, and High graphics.
  4. Repaired and enhanced controls.
  5. Issues that were there with a player name field have been fixed.
  6. Numerous bug fixes & optimizations.

Those who use the spinz.io app for playing the game on their android device would be glad to know that work in under progress for adding numerous pristine cool features!

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