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About Slithere.com

Slither.io was introduced to internet users in April 2016. With so many people loving this game, we noticed that there were no websites, which provided some important information about the game and its add-ons. Then, we created our site (Slithere.com) with inspiration from Slither.io in April 2016 because there were too many people and there was a lack of knowledge about Slither.io. Our website’s official language is English and our servers are located in Dallas, TX – United States.

Today, Slithere.com provides a lot of extensions, mods, add-ons, plugins, skins tricks, guides, and information about all .io games on the Internet. We thank you for all our continued visits to our site until today.


Contact For Players: contact@slithere.com
Contact For Developers: developer@slithere.com

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