The Best Strategy strategy is a multiplayer online game where you are a player where you would need to survive from the clutches of the dreadful zombies who are on the prowl searching for you. There are various strategies that you can adopt in the game to win. Many players are searching for the most successful strategy in this game on the internet.

The Solo Fast Climbing Strategy

The target of this strategy is to maximize the base as soon as possible while creating a safe area from zombies and players. While waiting for the gold to regenerate for upgrades, keep harvesting resources, or hunting monsters. No block should be lost until the end game. You can use the strategy in order to win the game in a fast and efficient manner. Try and upgrade the gold mines one by one as and when possible. strategy

How To Play Game

Gather a good amount of wood and stone to build your base. Place your gold when you are ready. The zombies usually attack during the night. Ensure that you build a maximum amount of fold mines to generate gold and also make towers and walls to defend yourself from the zombies. You can upgrade your gold stash with the help of gold and gold can also be used to purchase their weapons. Follow the strategy in order to win. Tips And Tricks

  • Gold stash cannot be removed however the other buildings can be sold and again placed back.
  • You can also press the space bar to auto mine. Get as many resources as you want.
  • If you die, 25% of your resources are taken away so you should always be careful while moving around.
  • Before you place your gold stash accumulate a lot of wood and stone.
  • Build your base in a corner so that you do not get attacked from all sides.

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