Buildings buildings buildings are the main place for defense and hide from your enemies. It is also a great way to get loot in the

Buildings are the very important things in the game of You have to be defending yourself and your partner behind the buildings and also find some loot inside the buildings. You also get some loots and points on destroying the buildings. There are lots of buildings and crates in the game; you have to destroy them as possible to earn some points. A building like houses, bank, shacks, and police station are available in the game. You have to find many types of loot inside these buildings.

What Do You Find Inside the Shipping Container?

The shipping container looks like a dark rectangular box on the map. They contain mostly two items- usually, ammo is found and also a gun is found which is very useful and powerful. You also find some loot inside the shipping container. There are many entrances in the chipping container from which you enter and get loots. There are generally four types of shipping containers including a red container, regular container, golden container, and great containers. buildings

What Did You Find Inside the Outhouse of Buildings?

The outhouse is tiny in size and contains one toilet. You have to smash them and reveal loot. You also find the weapons on the toilet and also a medical kit which increases your health. You have to destroy their walls with the gunfire also destroy by explosions.

Inside the Shack

You have to find some loot and also highly explosive weapons in the shack. There is no entrance in the shack you have to break the walls and enter into the shack. You need to hit the wall with 6 gunshots to break them. weapons and bandages are mostly founded inside the shack. Shack also holds the secret entrance to the next level, you have to find them.

Inside the Hut

The hut is the new thing that is added after the update of the game. There are lots of items contained in the huts but you cannot easily found these huts. These huts are not seen on the map. They are mostly found away from the islands. It looks like a buildings with straw roofs.  There has a small pot inside the hut, you have to break these pots to get some items.

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