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io games list

With the release of the insanely addicting game, the io games list genre all began. This game is known as agar.io. Most probably this game is inspired by another game which is calling Osmos. Within months Agario grew so fast. At that time already it was seen by almost several hundred thousand players from all over the world.

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Generally, these io games are awesome. But the main problem with these io games is that though they are really cool but they are mostly unknown. By making a list of huge and hyper-cool io games we really want to solve this problem.

With the introduction of the agar.io game, this revolution of the whole io games started some months ago. Due to its advantage of simple user interface, this multiplayer game became so popular. It also provides an addicting methodology of playing.

io games list

Many new websites appeared just after a few days. They tried to copy the methodology of the previously mentioned hit, but they failed to succeed. At that time something happened and that was magical. Developers all over the world became attracted by the huge popularity of agar.io got, they started to think of web multiplayer games which have some similar characteristics with agar.io but they are also incorporated tons of the new ones. There are some of the best-known outputs of these io games are diep.io, slither.io, and limax.io.

Some Of The Best io Games


The goal of Pie.ai is to collect so many calories as possible by eating pies and other players as well. Try to avoid getting jammed. There is simple one-touch control that can allow you to eat, jump, fly or even attack. You have to only click from any device.


A new io game is paceman.io. It brings the joy of playing packman. The difference between the new and the iconic 90s version is that it is a lot more competitive. This is a multiplayer game.


This is a huge multiplayer game that went very popular a few weeks ago. It became popular when someone creates a video about it. On our io games list, this game actually deserves the number one position as it is the most famous game among players from all over the world.


This game is all about Minecraft styled shooter. The game is really awesome and also addictive though the graphics of this game are a little bit crappy in the io games list. The goal of this multiplayer io game is to dominate the ranking by killing as many opponents as possible.

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