Mods v4 (Auto Heal) mods v4 mods v4 provides many extra features for the players of the game. If you want to be a leader in the game, you should use mods and hacks immediately. The moomooio mod has auto heal and autobull mode, so players will be invincible easily. In addition, there are some small extra features, which are listed below, to ease playing in the game. Game and Mods game is a game of building your own farm by collecting resources. Everyone in this game starts by selecting a character and then the player needs to collect some resources with this character. When you earn enough resources and level points, you automatically level up to the next level. Thus, you can build your own farm or fortress and increase your wealth of gold. The player with the most gold in the game will have the highest ranking on the leaderboard.

The Features Of Mods v4

  1. Auto Heal (Press T) – on/off settings from the title of the window of your browser
  2. AutoBull Mode (Press T) – on/off settings from the title of the window of your browser
  3. Improved Minimap
  4. Hidden trap placing (Press F)
  5. Fast Spike placing (Press V)
  6. Polearm and crossbow combo (Press R) – requires to have a bull helmet and monkey tail.

You can see the on/off status of Auto Heal and AutoBull mode from the title of the window of your browser. Improved minimap shows the location of the buildings that you built on the map. Polearm and crossbow combo requires to have a bull helmet and monkey tail.

Last Update: 5/10/2018 Mods v4 (needs Tampermonkey or others below)

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You must have 

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  1. Its work but not all the time after I lose my for 5 to 6 times it doesn’t heal me more

  2. Hi, one thing is missing in the mod is the car heal is that one puts it for example in 70 or 80 and the one attack kill him so what the car heal is very slow would be much better if they fix that problem

    1. You need to have Tampermonkey script reader before downloading.

  3. hi guse i hcke and all of us are hacker’s i know all the batens for hacking and i got 120 kiles today and it was so cool bat i do not konw how to bot the trible hat’s

  4. uhhhhn hello im having a problem with the hacks when i open moomoo its the same what should i do?

  5. i used to have this hack on my computer but yesterday all all of a sudden it stopped working and it wont let me redownload it

  6. there is more than this features example if you press O it will spwan trap around you and L to spwan spikes around you too and G to freeze your chat and P to turn on bot mode

  7. it works, i have installed tampermonkey, and i did everything, and i went to play but in place where cheat bottoms had to be

  8. Funciona correctamente, pero en mi laptop me aparece en la parte inferior izquierda me aparece una ventana de configuración. No me aparece que quiera para cambios automaticos de auto bulls ni nada de eso :/.

  9. Gj on this hack but my auto switch on helmets at another bioms doesn’t work can u fix that?

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