Mods v2 (Extreme Mod) mods v2

Some players want to use mods and hacks to be successful and gain more points in the game. We developed mods v2 for them to get more points in the game. is a 2-dimensional castle war io game that has recently started to gain popularity. You start the game from a certain area marked on the map and you are expected to build your castle there. You can place a limited number of buildings inside the castle and you should get stronger by increasing these buildings. Some players want to reach the top rank in the leaderboard, so players need to develop their game strategies in the game.

Some players want to play the game with mods to get more points in the game. We developed mods v2 for them to get more points in the game. This mod is a developed version of mods v1, this contains 2 extra features compared mods v1. Players have a chance to select which version will be better for them.

The Features Of Mods v2 (Extreme Mod)

  • InstaFind – Click on the name of players on the leaderboard or in a chat immediately.
  • Base Builder – There is a UI on the top of the screen just hover on the grey box.
  • Zoom – Mouse scroll to zoom in and out in the game Mods v2 (needs Tampermonkey or others below)

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We have been developing these mods to increase players’ satisfaction in the game. If you have any problem or comment, please feel free to contact us by contact form or our Facebook page. We will be happy to assist you to play the game without any problem. Follow us to get more io games mods and more features for these games.

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