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The most recent edition of the mobile app features support for teams’ game mode. In the event of a player opening a team URL in his/her browser, it is automatically going to ask him/her to open the app. In this way, all of the desktop PC players get the chance of playing cross-platform with cell phone players. Below, we discuss a few of the most recent changes in the mobile app.

The Most Recent Changes in App

  • In the mobile app the ‘o’ key that toggled the leader board even on the “login screen” has been fixed.
  • Fixed the capability of killing yourself by making a pause followed by moving in the reverse direction.
  • Have repaired keys getting wedged while holding them & clicking away spotlight from “browser window”.
  • Have repaired a concern where other participants would have the ghost trail for the duration that they had been in their personal land. app

Other Changes in App

  • Have fixed #animal names of the servers changing in every minute.
  • Have repaired a problem that would break servers completely, resulting in a ‘Couldn’t connect’ blunder to come into view every time you made an attempt to join.
  • Players are now able to toggle leaderboard visibility by making use of “’o’ key.”
  • Whenever a team URL is opened on a cell phone browser, the page’s going to ask to forward to the app given that the app currently features team mode support.
  • Holding of an arrow key even as another arrow key is pressed now keeps your direction in mind.
  • Have got rid of the letters L & i from side URLs since they bear too much resemblance to one another.

More Changes in App

  • Have fixed the issue of the inability to get connected to a team server at the time of commencing a game excessively rapidly after the creating of a team.
  • Have fixed dying following having just slain another player.
  • Have fixed a couple of players having the capability of killing the identical participant at once.
  • In the mobile app the map size has been changed again to 600×600 for lowering the possibility of spawning in the land of someone.

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