Spinz.io Mobile Game

spinz.io mobile

Spinz.io is a newly launched fidget spinner io game that can also be played on your mobile. Play the spinz.io mobile game for a great deal of fun and excitement and collect all the dots from other players and win the game as soon as possible.

About Spinz.io Mobile Game

Spinz.io mobile game is an awesome game that can also be played on your mobile. It is an awesome multiplayer action game that has been inspired by the popular fidget spinner toy. This game is similar to all other Io games like agar.io, slither.io, and more. Players who have played io games before would be familiar to this gaming concept. This game can be played like agar.io where the players would have to collect all the colorful dots scattered all over the playfield, but this time you have to control a fidget spinner!

Spinz.io Mobile Info?

Move your fidget spinner swiftly all throughout the map and try and collect as many dots as possible. Collecting as many dots as possible will help gain your RPM which is a revolution per minute and the player who would have the highest RPM would become the leader of the game and his name would appear on the top of the playlist. The faster the spinner rotates, the stronger the dots would be drawn towards the player. The spinz.io mobile game is also popular among the young generation nowadays.

spinz.io mobile

Where Is Spinz.io Mobile Game Available?

The spinz.io mobile game is available on most android and Windows Phone devices. It has been tested on iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Xiaomi, LG, and Nokia. The game can also be developed on Android Apps. The spinz.io app is also compatible with all your devices. If you love fidget spinner games, then spinz.io would be your most favorite game at the moment. Spinz.io is simple gameplay that has been incorporated with awesome dynamics that is exciting to play but challenging to master as well.

This spinz.io game is comprised of various colors, variations, and geometric shapes as well as excellent motion dynamics. Download this new fidget spinner game right now and start playing this game as soon as possible. The mobile game can be played from anywhere and everywhere while traveling, on vacation, and in-office as well. You would definitely love to play the spinz.io game.

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