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Below, we are going to concentrate on several tips for making your time with the game not just more enjoyable overall but for helping a player last for a longer time for taking and holding a place on the game leader board. Just like any PvP game this game has strategic intricacies that players can gain knowledge of and master for getting get further than average players with ease. Tips

Before we move on to the tips it’s vital to know that the most important task of a player is the expansion of his/her territory. A New player tends to take any of the two tactics when expanding. He/she goes too farther outside his/her territory, thus exposing his/her tail to further players and dying. He/she takes tiny bits of terrain at a time, thus making it too lengthy for raising score and getting a scope of the region about them.

If you do either of these always you would be dying always or would make such minuscule incremental development that you’re never going to get on the game leader board. Next, we discuss some tips on expanding in the game.

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Alert To Your Surroundings

One of the tips is using surroundings. You must keep tabs on where the territories of the other participants are located with regard to your territory.  Inquire yourself the subsequent questions ahead of expanding:

  • Is the territory of another player just some 15 ~ 20 blocks off your own?
  • Can you view two participants at some distance attempting to take each other out in a face-to-face territorial dispute?

Threat Mitigation & Overextending

You must never expand in the direction of other participants unless when you:

  • Do not have a choice
  • Are certain that you can out-dance/ out-smart them for cutting their tail and removing them as a danger

Threat mitigation implies removing other participants ahead of you slipping up and letting them at your tail. One more great part is avoiding being rushed and ramming someone who’s 20 blocks off.

Overextending is a common way that new players get killed repeatedly. It’s also the most common way that veteran players get killed.

This implies straying too distant from your region.

Oddly-shaped Terrain

Oddly-shaped terrain is better compared to ideal squares & rectangles. Among the tips is to be attentive to players about you, expand in the direction of them, and killing them ahead of they get the chance. You’ll find several images of the ideal expansion technique online.

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