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raaaaft.io wiki

Raaaaft.io wiki is known to be such an online multiplayer game that has become very popular in recent times. You have to stay alive as long as you can in this game. 

What Is Raaaaft.io Wiki?

Raaaaft.io wiki is nothing but some kind of online survival game that is there to take you to some raft in the middle of the ocean. Your primary aim is to live as long as you can by utilizing the resources that you are given while playing the game. Moreover, you are given the option to either live alone or to live in a tribe. You can go for any of these options as per your wish.

As you further proceed in Raaaaft.io, you will eventually have to encounter other opponents as well as aggressive sharks and what not. Among other players some will become your friends and some will become your enemies along the journey in the game. You should always make the best decision to survive in the game as long as possible.

You will be given different types of props as well as plenty of weapons to defend yourself when needed.

raaaaft.io wiki

Raaaaft.io Features

There are plenty of features of the Raaaaft.io wiki. Each of these features is there to make this game quite unique and distinct compared to other similar games. Some of the features are described below.

  • This game is mostly played in the watery world.
  • You are given options to create your own style to play this game. You can either play alone or create your own tribe at your convenience and benefit.
  • There are plenty of resources to gather.
  • You are supposed to craft different things such as various tools and consumable items.
  • There are sharks in the game and you need to avoid them to stay alive in the game.


It is very important for you to know about the controls to play this game in the best way possible. If you are not well aware of the controls, then you won’t be able to play the game in the first place.

  • You are supposed to use WASD or the arrow keys in order to move in the respective direction.
  • You need to click on the left of the mouse to attack or to perform other actions.
  • You should press the F button to pick up any item while playing the game.
  • You are required to use various number keys to use the item.
  • Moreover, you have to scroll the mouse for controlling zoom’s level.

If you play Raaaaft.io wiki, you are surely going to have some great fun. Before you start playing this game, do some more research on the game.

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