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What Is Starve.io Auto Feed?

Starve.io is one of the most interesting and exciting games where you would have to survive in the freezing cold temperature by warming yourself by crafting a fore, collecting food and starve.io auto feed options and eating to survive, and building a fortress to protect yourself.

What Is Starve.io Auto Feed?

Starve.io auto feed is feeding on one berry at a time when you really need the strength and energy and are really low on food. If you were really low on health you would not be able to regenerate on auto feed. The auto feed should be fixed really well so that eat till max and regenerate too. It is also suggested about adding A 7 berry bush then a 5 because of So many players it is definitely worth the same. Auto feed has been designed so that you do not die in the middle of the game. It has the mechanism of normal eating and you need to find a good berry bush.

starve.io auto feed

The Hunger Game Description

You start as a layer in the forest and your aim is to survive in the dark and freezing cold forest. There are opponents who will also come to kill you. You would need to eat food in order to fulfill your health bar. Grab berries from the berry trees or kill the rabbit and the wolf to get meat. Every minute becomes colder and colder and you also need to craft a fire to save yourself. You can also enable the starve.io auto feed option by pressing the R button.

Items You Can Craft

You can craft various items and inventory in starve.io but you would require some resources at first. You can gather stones, woods, diamonds, and amethysts to craft a sword. Workbench would also help you to construct some buildings. Use starve.io auto feed for help on food.

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