How To Play Online Game? online online is a very interesting multiplayer IO game that lets you experience a challenging playing experience.

An online, free multiplayer IO game, offers a similar game-playing experience as,, and, although the features are varied. The game comes with some innovative graphics and backgrounds and involves new challenges that need players to win the battle with interesting tactics, strategies, and skills. Find out how you can play online.

What Is The Game? online game needs players to go around, gathering hexagons – as is the case with where players have to collect blocks. Players who capture more hexagons will have a larger territory. While charting your realm, you have to pay attention to your adversaries. If they steal the hexagons, you will be killed. You need to keep the line as safe as possible. If another player touches the line, your game will come to a finish. You have to defend your line always, and stay attentive to your environment at all times. If you gain the most number of hexagons, you can conquer everything and come on top in online. online

How To Play Online?

You have to use the arrow keys or the mouse to regulate your character in Conquer as much of the territory as you can. Use your character to draw shapes to chart your territory. Connect the shapes back to the territory that you have at present. Your line is your Achilles heel, the weakest spot, and your game will come to an abrupt end if it is touched by an enemy. You should also prevent your foes from stealing hexagons as much as possible.

Control your character with the help of the mouse, and collect as many hexagons as possible. Use your mouse with a lot of care. Hover the mouse over the map, and automatically your character will follow. Try moving the mouse around to gather more hexagons and have them attached to your territory.

Remember that you should always take care not to crash into the tail of your own character. When you are moving about, do not allow any adversaries to touch your tail. If any of them touches your tail, you will face immediate death.

In case your hexagons are stolen, the mass that you have collected will be reduced, causing the death of your character. Ensure that you keep your line and realm protected, collect the most number of hexagons, and kill as many enemies on the screen as possible in order to win online.

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