Splix.io Mods v2

splix.io mods v2

Splix.io mods v2 includes zoom, stop player movement, play with friends, and no advertisement features. Splix io mod is not a hack, it is an extension for the game. There are a lot of players using splixio mods in the game because they want to be first at the leaderboard and reach the biggest size on the map.

Splix.io Game and Mods v2

Splix.io game is a fun online game where you try to expand your own color space. Enter your nickname, press the join button and start our fun game. You need to start capturing opponents’ areas but you have to leave your area. After capturing, you need to return to your area to protect it against opponents. The remaining part belongs to you and you earn points according to the size of the section. If you catch your opponents while doing this, the game is over for him. Therefore, you should not leave too much of your own region. You can trap your opponents by moving cleverly and reach the highest score.,

splix.io mods v2

Features Of Splix.io Mods V2

  • Zoom in-out (mouse scroll)
  • Stop player movement – P
  • Play with friends
  • No advertisement

When you have splix.io mods v2, you will have the better condition compared to other players who don’t have it. Zoom in and out works by using your mouse scroll. Zoom in and out provides a better sight of the map. In addition, the stop player movement feature provides stopping your character’s movement immediately, so you escape other players’ attacks easily. In the game, there is a lot of advertisement which causes some lag issues for players. Therefore, you can disable all ads with splix.io mods v2. Splix.io mod contains a playing with friends features to all players that increase players’ connections.

Splix.io Mods v2 (needs Tampermonkey or others below)

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