Auto Heal auto heal is online gaming where you can increase your skills of the game and also play with your nearby people easily. During play, most of the time it happens that you will die but now you can avoid it by hacking some tricks. You have to install auto heal and after this procedure, you easily can gate back in the game.

As you all know, most of the new things are involved in the game but you can’t protect yourself all-time with weapons. Sometimes this happens that anyone will defeat you and you have to start that level again. The foremost reason to play better, you have to increase your skills and make a strategy that helps you to play better. But this auto heal option helps you to revive again and you will come back on that stage at the same time. Many other cheats are there which you can apply and make yourself king of the game with this never dies technique.

How you can get new things in Auto Heal?

To open this option, you have needed to install the script which actually requires making yourself revive again and again. If you want to install this one then you have to find the script first and get an official one that actually works. You have to find that script with the name auto heal and with this name you easily can see. In the gaming version of 1.2, you have to turn on the option of auto-heal.  When you turn it on then you will start healing on that time when someone attacks you. You have to fill up a link in the given space of auto heal and after that, you can on that new feature. auto heal

The features of Auto Heal

  1. Auto Heal (Press T) – on/off settings from the title of the window of your browser
  2. AutoBull Mode (Press T) – on/off settings from the title of the window of your browser
  3. Improved Minimap
  4. Hidden trap placing (Press F)
  5. Fast Spike placing (Press V)
  6. Polearm and crossbow combo (Press R) – requires to have a bull helmet and monkey tail.

You can see the on/off status of Auto Heal and AutoBull mode from the title of the window of your browser. Improved minimap shows the location of the buildings that you built on the map. Polearm and crossbow combo requires to have a bull helmet and monkey tail.

Last Update: 1/6/2019 Auto Heal (needs Tampermonkey or others below)

Small Download Now Button Red PNG

You must have 

VirusTotal Scan: Auto Heal

Which of new features are unlocked?

As you can see it is an interesting game which has most of the online users but some people are not aware of new features. So, on this auto heal feature and you can see no one defeats you easily because you get ultimate power after installing a simple script. A new option timeout is open and you can set game time according to your condition and have extra fun with your nearby’s. by the way, you can protect yourself with weapons but this feature is unbelievable which gives you the power to heal yourself with a simple trick.

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