wingsio mods is the aircraft warfare io game, in which you try to shoot enemy planes with different weapon types. Initially, you start the game with a standard airplane. You can easily kill enemies by collecting skill boxes that give you extra features. The goal of the players in the game is to take first place on the leader list because the first player looks different than the other players. Some players wanted to use mods but this was not possible before. is one of the oldest of io games and still maintains its popularity. In addition, competition in the game is still very high. You need a good skill to succeed in this game, but even if you do not have this skill, you can be the 1st in Today, we will tell you how to be number one with mods. mods

Features Of Mods

X – Autofire
C – Dark Theme
C – Night Mode
Z – Auto-Respawn
V – Hide Leaderboard
B – Hide Fireflies
Save Nickname
Save Settings
& More Features On Guidebook

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser

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