Mods v3 is becoming an even more popular game everyday. It has become a meeting point for players from different cultures and many parts of the world. As the number of players increased, the players’ desire to achieve success increased. Some players have developed their own tactics, but some have tried to achieve success by using extra game plug-ins. We offer our followers a free update of the mods after patch, which gives some extra advantage to this game, for those who want to play with the game add-ons. Thus, you can be the first in leaderboard of and you can easily use the top level items. Today, we present updated mods v3. mods v3 Mods v3 Features

Auto Heal [Collect Cookie or Apple]
Auto AIM [Against Enemies]
Hat Changer [0-9 keys]
Police Mod [F8] – (Need to have Bummle Hat and Winter Cap at first)
Animal Mod [F8] – (Need to have Moo Head and Pig Head at first)

You do not need to press any key to activate auto heal because it will be activated automatically when you run the mods v3. So you only need to collect enough food such as cookie and apple. In addition, you do not need to press any keys for auto rotation, because it works automatically when the enemy comes close to your character. However, you need to press F8 to activate police hat function on Mods v3 and need to have red and blue hats.

Last Update: 5/10/2018 – Mods v4 was publised

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser

VirusTotal Scan: Mods v3

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  1. hitmachine16 says

    it is download

  2. One guy says

    Bro why did u deleted hack pls share it again plsssss

  3. michael says

    it doesn’t work for me prob cuz im on mac and i hate that because i really wanted it

    1. says

      Hi, can you try on windows 7 or 10?

  4. Mavmav says

    It works for me

  5. newbie says

    pls i dont know but it doesnt give me autoheal tho

  6. seba301 says

    nie moge użyć auto heal nwm czemu miałem dużo jedzenia i nic nie działa

  7. Дима says

    Один я тут русский?

  8. mga93 says

    It works on v1.6

  9. ........... says

    i am really satisfied

  10. Argus says

    Hey guys can you please update this hack again because it doesn’t work for me or my friends so if you could do that,that would be great thanks.

  11. AIMBOTTER says

    its patched

  12. Anonymous says

    It stocked out on the loading page…..but why I can join last week?

  13. MANKEY says

    add coins hack pls 😛

    1. says

      Thanks for your suggestion. 🙂

      1. fernando says

        esse jogo e muito legal

    2. Strong_Hold says

      Friend I just want the hat-changer I do not want the auto-heal.
      What do I eliminate?

  14. uh8f says

    This mod makes my computer laggy

    1. says

      Could you try other browsers for tampermonkey scripts?

      1. KenBBX says


    2. Osama says

      It work for me but how do you use the police Mod please tell us how but not the Auto heal one it work for me i wish you tell us how Good Bye 😀

    3. Anonymous says

      me too,but I find out the problem,you can download no coin in the chrome web store,it helps me a lot

    4. DebilCZ says

      jsem debil presne jaky ty

  15. uh8f says

    how do u get the changing hats glitch change hat hack

  16. Hax Man says

    Auto Heal is not working plz fix it 🙂

  17. james says

    hat changer 0-9keys???Cant!!!!!! 0-9 is change weapon

  18. Angry Man says

    it works sometime

  19. jr says

    i can use the map only with water land

  20. Xx_THE=PRO_xX says


    1. MooMoo_ProHacker says


  21. RDN says

    it says: “Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website.”

  22. Shayaan says

    how do i download this?

  23. HELPMENOW says

    I cant do the hat changer cuz all the items are in the way so it doesnt work, 0-9 doesnt work because all the items

  24. fedrick says


  25. krax says

    animal mod and police mod work ,hat changer works

  26. aimbotter says

    as of right now the anti hack hat forces you to not eat anything making autoheal patched can you update it to fix this

    1. says

      Hello, it is fixed. You can play with autoheal.

      Last update of topic is 13/10/2017

    2. MANKEY says

      ITS NOT PATCHED , TODAY 23/12/2017 AT 6:28 PM 🙂

  27. Aronas says

    hello good mod

  28. Vibe says

    nothing seems to work for me =/ tamper monkey says im using the script but nothing like auto heal and aimbot is working. ive tryed using the U Key and toggling the auto aim but nothing? is it working for the new update?

    1. says

      Hello, problem is fixed.

      1. dat boi says

        What is fixed? I don’t have auto heal and all your addons! Please, update the script!
        (I have tampermonkey)

  29. Anoktan says

    This mod is very very good.

  30. says

    how do you use police mod

    1. says

      Hello, you should have police hat to use it.

    2. woah says

      for some reason i dont have the f commands please help

      1. says

        I have just seen this problem. We will solve this, please stay in follow.

        1. Jerek Jones says

          I don’t have any of the f commands I am on chromebook, help

  31. NewModder says

    It seems like the game detects the auto heal and disables healing for a few seconds, any way this can be overcome?

    1. says

      Hi, we updated the mod ,so it is working now.

  32. lobitogamer77 says

    ami me fusiono me gusta el hack

  33. JustAnswerLol says

    Pls add a function to get the Gold weapons instantly!! Good hack 🙂

  34. Gogog says

    very good working

  35. roberto says

    how can i dowload it

    1. Joel says

      Go to version 2 it has a video, that’s where i learned. Just come back to version 3 to do it

  36. cecile dupire says


  37. AdibTDM says

    How i Can Be Auto Heal At FireFox

  38. spike says

    can i turn the autoaim off?

    1. says

      Yes, you can do it by pressing I

  39. ERika says

    after downloading wut do you do??

    1. says

      You can control mods v3 with U key to activate features.

  40. KILLER 33 says


    1. says

      We’ve just tested mod v3.0 that is working without any problem. You should check your mod settings which is auto heal is active.

    2. MOOMOO.IO MODDER says


  41. Karl Franz says

    add infinite food,gold,wood and stone pls…it will be the best hack

  42. Michael says

    maybe you can add a thing that makes you choose what hat to put on in the hat changer

  43. Entity_303 says

    please add AFK protection using a chat command like /AFK. Please add to many items

  44. Michael says

    I agree to Moder add a enemy raidar

  45. matthew says

    i will happy if you add free gold sword,hammer…


    and make the aimbot far if you only got the bow/crossbow that will be fantastic!


    hey please add to this fanfreaking mod a enemy raidar mod so i can spot some enemies please add that AWSOME MOD and good luck chaps

  48. Michael says

    how to make the Mini Map works?

    1. says

      Mini map works automatically that shows water, glaciers and deserts.

  49. DepDIp says

    will not let me. XD rekt son

  50. kelvinchan says

    how to download script?

    1. says

      Hi, it is simple, press download button but Tampermonkey was installed at this time.

  51. jim says

    how can i use aimbot far when i take bow?

  52. KILLER 33 says

    uhh how do i use the hat changer??

    1. says

      You need to buy hats which you are plannig to use. Then, you should press F8 or F7 keys to activate hat changer.

      1. TheXD says

        How im use the hat changer? Hat Changer [0-9 keys]

      2. KILLER 33 says

        Not that the other hat changer the num (1-0) keys!

        1. says

          Hi, if you want to use num keys to change your hat, you should have all hats in your inventory.

          1. Lelman2132 says

            i dont have all hats please update dis

  53. LAVA says

    when u hit on a spike many times like uv been surrounded in spikes
    ur dead

  54. Syicon says

    How do you use it

    1. jim says

      this is simple just click download it will download auto

  55. jim says

    awsome auto heal no one can kill me i like it.but auto aim is not bettar.when i take bow it not aim far when he came close then do auto aim please make it more far.

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