Popular Slitherio Toys Series

Slitherio toys are unique products that you will find very interesting. Varieties of toys are available. Collect all the toys now!

Very few online games are able to gain such popularity as slitherio game has been able to achieve. It is one of the most sensational online games available on the internet and this popularity has only been increasing since the company have decided to launch slitherio toys. Now you will be able to collect the different slithers in the form of toys. It comes in different shape, sizes and colours which you are going to love!

Different Slitherio Toys

Different types of slitherio toys have been launched in the market. The options are not going to make your choices easy. You will just be confused which once to go for! But whichever you buy you will certainly be happy with it if you are a true fan of this game.

slitherio toys

Here are different toys available in the market with short description:

  • Slitherio Series 1 Blind Box Plush with Backpack Clip- there are fifteen different types of plush toys which you can get in this pack with three rare and one extra rare toy.
  • SDCC 2017 5pcs Exclusive Metallic Figure Set with stickers- these are very popular slitherio toys. The main reason of its popularity is the nature of the material with which it is made.
  • Slitherio Jumbo 24 inches Bendable Plush Toy in box- this is a single piece plush toy which is twenty-four-inch long. It comes in rainbow colour and even in blue colour.

Pricing Of Slitherio Toys toys come in several price ranges. There are single toys which cost less and there are full set of toys that will naturally cost more. If you are fan, then surely you will not find the price to be a factor. But you must know that the toys are of very good quality and even the plush series will last very long.

The price starts from just six dollars and ranges to about fifty dollars. The Mystery box series 1 toy which is a big hit, because it did not reveal what kind of slither you are going to get, costs approximately thirty-two dollars only.

Why These Toys Are A Big Hit?

Slitherio toys will provide you a sense of mystery because in most of its product the company does not reveal the type of slither you are going to get. Slither comes in varies colours and it is this sense of mystery that helps the company to achieve the high level of popularity.

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