Ways To Reduce Lag of Slither.io

This is the online game which name is slither.io.The game quickly became popular in many countries.The popularity of slither.io increased number of players.Hence, there are a lot of players in the server, and this makes us lag on your web browser.We will tell you a few easy ways for to play a more fluid game.


  1. You need to disable your antivirus program because it uses your computer processor unnecessarily.disable antivirus
  2. You should use opera or google chrome web browser for slithere.com mods. Also, it requires high priority.We will do it in the task manager.Finding your web browser in task manager list.You need to do right-click and give high priority to web browser.(Opera, Chrome, Firefox etc.)highpriority
  3. You should disable or delete your orther tampermonkey or web browser add-ons (mods) except slithere mods.slithmods
  4. You should use ‘Private Browsing’ (CTRL + SHIFT + N) in chrome.private
  5. You need to clear your web browser history and cache.
    How to clear my history?

    1. Open your browser
    2. Go to settings
    3. Clear Cache
    4. Clear History
    5. Restart Browser


I hope to these ways solved your lag problem.One of the main problem which we faced playing game.We want everyone to experience the pleasure of the game.Sometimes small changes can bring big results!

25 Responses to Ways To Reduce Lag of Slither.io

  1. trevor says:

    it works

  2. shande says:

    que jenial XD

  3. joonasky says:

    to clear lag you have to only play sliter.io

  4. fernon says:

    nose que se ase hay estoy confundido

  5. jhu says:

    чем дольше, тем лучше

  6. madlena says:

    I had to learn all this time xD

  7. minsoolee says:

    ako ay isang magaling mag slitherio mag tago na kayo habang mag oras pa

  8. D87008 says:

    how do you get into your browser

  9. brenda says:

    this game is cool

  10. mia says:

    no me gusto tanto

  11. KARL ERIK says:


  12. zakkum says:

    I can play now.

  13. how to chaet sl=ithe5r and hack and how to be the best

  14. Kev says:

    Ich möchte Hax

  15. SEBAS says:


  16. hotanneJR says:

    graças Eu estou jogando melhor

  17. lio says:

    que buen cosa

  18. newrophat says:

    3rd way that it has just worked

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