Tips & Tricks To Play Slither Games


Play the slither game with help of simple tips and strategies. This highly addictive game is the best browser game on the internet

If you fascinate playing browser games, then you must have come across slither games. The slither game is perhaps one of the simplest and addictive games on the internet. If you haven’t played the game yet, then here is a simple guide on how to play with tips and tricks.

What Is Slither Game?

Slither is an online snake-based game. If you are afraid of snakes, then no worries, this snake is no threat to you. Rather it is going to win the game on your behalf. The objective of the game is to gobble all the pellets shinning in the game area. As you eat away the orbs, the size of the snake keeps increasing.

You have to save your snake from colliding with opponent players or the border of the game. The avatar that stays till the end is declared as the winner of the game.


Tips To Play The Game

  • Juke your opponents: This strategy works well if you want to stay until the end of the game. The strategy is to cut off the opponent snakes by exciting some trapping skills. The trick goes well when your snake is mid-sized and is long enough to block the way of other players. Set up a juke to collide with other snakes and killing them.
  • Steal kill: Steal the food of your opponent and increase your avatar’s size. The gameplay usually happens in the center of the game area. The smaller snakes usually heed to gobble the food and increase their size. This tip focuses on eating away the food and killing the smaller snakes simultaneously.
  • Pin the opponents: This strategy is an effective way to survive. You need to use other longer snakes to pin your opponents. When there is plenty of areas for you to move, use the longer snakes as a barrier, and get hold of the smaller ones. You can squeeze your victim with ease.
  • Trap other snakes: When your snake is long enough to coil, you can try this strategy. The objective is to trap small snakes and allure them to collide with your snake. Some clever snakes may try your patience under this strategy, but you will certainly achieve your goal.
  • Lure opponents with food: Every player wants to gobble food on the board to gain mass. You can lure them with food and circle them as soon as they are in your target area.

Playing the slither game is lucrative and addictive as well. You can plan your own strategies and win the game!

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