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slither io strategy

Any big qualification requires a proper strategy, and if you love playing multiplayer games like, a strategy is quite important, to move towards the top of the leaderboard. There are a lot of players in the game, so players need to have strategy to eliminate others and to win the game. Strategy

The game is about a snake, which feeds on various scattered food items in the arena. The thing seems to be pretty easy, but when a number of players are there, doing the same task, everything can become more difficult. But, if you have a proper strategy, you will not face any major issues. Though, if you make your own strategy, that will be the best option, but, if you are looking for a readymade strategy, here is the best strategy, which will be helpful. There two main types of strategies which are play defensive and the attacking mode. strategy

Play Defensive

There are a number of players, who play the game of, with the intention of killing others, from the very beginning. That is completely wrong. In the beginning, you should play in a defensive way, such that you can get over the minimum threshold, in order to reach the top. In addition, the strategy should be to feed on food items at the beginning, which is normally available in the arena. In the beginning, you should not try to kill other players or feed on the corpses of other snakes, in the arena.

The Attacking Mode

Once you grow big enough, and you can find a number of other snakes in the arena, who are quite small compared to you, you can now implement the attacking strategy, and start attacking other players, and kill them. But, in case you find, the number of snakes who are bigger than you are quite many in number, you should continue playing in defensive mode for some extra time, such that, you become advantageous in the arena. It is the basic strategy of the game, but, you should also keep on finding other strategies, as well.

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