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games like

Games like are meant for casual and game playing, and have survival as the core focus. is a snake-pit game that is for casual game playing. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous io games available at the moment.

In games like, survival is at stake. Here, the players can play the role of snakes and move around to defeat each other. Snakes can move about to collect tiny food orbs or gobble on enemy snakes to get bigger in size. Is the game worth playing? Read on and find out.

Competitive and Challenging Game-Playing Experience game is styled like a battle arena and is ultimately about survival in a challenging environment. Players can win by making the heads of adversary snakes collide against their bodies while taking care not to crash themselves into others. When a snake dies by crashing, it transforms into a similar quantity of food orbs that can be gobbled up by anyone.

games like

Games Like – Simple Strategy and Efforts

You can control your snake completely with mouse gestures in Across the screen, the head of the snake will follow your cursor. You can also make your snake pace up with the help of the space bar. However, it will slowly make your snake shorter in length when used for a long time. You will lose size behind the tail in the form of food orbs.

However, in games like the bigger your snake becomes, the tougher it is to play the game. Players are able to view their present length, the longest their snakes can become and the players ranked at the top in the screen, in the top-right section. You can view the highest score after each playing session.

Enjoyable Game Playing

The game is worth playing because it is simple and fun. You have to type in a username to get access to the main screen of the game. You can then notice a small worm-like snake with your username. Move the snake a little to eat up small light orbs, and it will grow bigger in length. Double tap on the screen to hold the snake and increase its speed.

At times, the gameplay can reduce in speed. In games like, predatory and seasoned snakes can come up to “eat” you. Your accuracy with the controls can also get affected, which can make your snakes explode. But that is the fun, and moving on despite such challenges can actually make the victories more worthwhile for you.

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