Top 10 Custom Skins in June is internet-based game.Many players aim to reach the highest score in this game because they want to rank amoung in the leaderboard.In addition, a lot of users have been using slithere mod for 2 months.In this article, we will examine popular custom skins of players in June.


  When we shared our first version of mod, the mod presented you pre-made custom skins.We have multiplied our skins through requests and suggestions from our players.These players have made themselves and sent us their skins on slithere facebook page.We tried to fulfill the wishes of all the players.When we looked at the data in our mods, we have seen a lot of use of some skins.Now we will sort you popular skins.

1. Ghost
2. Youtube
3. Ironman
4. Trollface
5. Super Mario
6. Superman
7. Angry Birds
8. V for Vendetta
9. Real Madrid
10. Fenerbahce custom skins top 10

  This sorting is done according to the most popular skins.These skins will support you to do both more points and enjoyable in the game.Ranking of popular skins will be held every month.If you want your own skin to be shared in mod , you can contact us with facebook page.At the end of July it will be held next month ranking which name is Top 10 Custom Skins In July.

Send us your own custom skins and everyone will play with your custom skin .

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  1. ashbeel says

    how you install this mod

    1. says

      You can download by here.

  2. edwin carbajal says

    cool in good

    1. Djaalil says

      Sa va etre trop cool

  3. Maximillien says

    i think batman would be first of the list for all times

  4. poptart says

    Where do you download!

    1. says
  5. SERGIO says

    wow is the hack slither

  6. RAVEN R. SURLA says

    yes you can have skin

  7. KeserBicak says

    Roketatar kafali skinlerini yaparsaniz sevinirim

    1. Nima says

      Wow goooooood

  8. ha says

    thanks perfect

  9. iqbal says

    goood job

  10. Must4ch3Man says

    anybody knows how to install these mods?

    1. says
  11. sulfykids3 says


  12. suliez says

    goood job skin in the slither io

  13. United States America says

    nomor 3

  14. Number2 says

    Seriously such a useful

    1. andrerokiadi says

      karenasaya suka main slither io hampir setiap hari saya main seler io makanya saya mai slither io

    2. putra says


    3. abel9472Hun says

      hogy kell le tolteni???

    4. Luke says

      please give me number 8

    5. eriko says


  15. Anonymous says

    8.V for Vendetta

  16. youtuber says

    hocam ağustos ayında fenerbahçeyi birinci yapmak için ne yapmak gerekiyor?

  17. april says

    please teach me how to cheat please……

    1. says

      Hi, you should check our webpages which are mods and bots.

    2. farel says

      aku mau masang cheat

  18. acson?! says

    we are expecting july list

    1. ackson says

      8. V for Vendetta

      1. leqso says

        what i get this skins

        1. cristian says

          el juego esta muy bien

  19. jerry G maralang says

    skin mod thankyou

  20. dadwjw says

    Skin only cheats

    1. mamahmuda12457 says


    2. lebronjames says

      pleas give me skin cheat

      1. says

        Hi, you can find skins mod in our app.

      2. toping says


        1. toping says

          give me black snake costume

  21. robinyay says


    1. ironman says

      give ironman costume

    2. SYAUQI says


  22. ruslanas says

    good skins 🙂 I Like Slitherio

  23. shushant says

    can you help me to change skin

    1. says
  24. sadasdasd says

    bence slither .io ouynamyın sinir ediyor

  25. abdulzkie says

    THAt’s True

  26. santino says

    quiero tener muchas skins de

    1. vgank says

      i dalje dijeliti nove teme!

  27. kholiq says

    game nya asik

  28. markvincent says

    please i can help me mod please??? Guys <3

    1. says

      Hi, i hope the video helps you

  29. Rosemary says

    Yes i love this site

  30. Артём says

    А как скачивать моды

  31. raizzzzzzzzzzzz says

    where is the dowland link???????????

  32. Jesus Adrian Maganda Delgado says

    thank you for share

    1. J_K_JOKER says

      super mario

  33. carlocruz says

    carbon edition please

    1. daniel2016z says

      hola amigo

  34. promo codes says

    i am interested in youtube skin

    1. maría antonella says

      yo quiero hacer mi skin pero no se cómo

      1. says

        Hi maria, you need to read instruction blog or watch video

    2. Leah :) says

      its on

  35. dsssdasd says


    1. batuhan says

      abi adamısn

  36. kuba says

    jet to bardzo odjehane

  37. Olesandra88 says

    Мне понравилось

  38. hüseyin says

    oynamak itiyorum

  39. michal13 says

    jak wgrać mody

  40. dihogo3950 says

    es le mejor mod

  41. vargascraft9 says

    cuando van a enviar mas skin para

  42. ... says

    How to create my skin ???

    1. says
  43. matheus da mata says

    this game is awesome

  44. carlos says

    top muito massa

  45. Mlg says


    1. carlo2000 says

      cuando van a enviar mas skin para

      1. honza zelenka says

        děkuju za mod

  46. SAMOA says

    nerden yüklicez

  47. ReaperYT says

    nasıl yüklüyoz

    1. says

      Hi, ReaoerYT.

      Please contact us with our facebook page.They will help you with your language.

    2. naysha says

      yo no puedo entar al juego como se hace

      1. says

        Hi, naysha
        Your skin may enter the July topic 🙂

      2. [LG] slither god says


  48. ProÖnder says

    Fenerbahçe <3

  49. LannTheClever says

    i want to see barcelona in the list

  50. NATALIA says

    Trollface , Angry Birds, Iron Man

  51. ALEJANDRO says


    1. Jesus Adrian Maganda Delgado says


  52. ExpendabLes says

    interessante slitherio liste XD

  53. gillion says


  54. OwNeSe42 says

    No puedo entrar en mi lista de custom skin



  56. Riddick says

    Wow, i am using youtube entered the list xD

  57. Maverick_77 says

    Я послал своего персонажа с помощью Facebook

  58. Red Butterflies says

    Ironman best forever…..

  59. Miłosz says


  60. ido says

    טוב מאוד

    1. baganda says

      forza borussia dortmund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. maria says


  61. m4t3ka says


  62. KasiosTV says

    Plz can i have this skins (sorry for my english)

    1. says

      Yes you can have.

      1. SniperXWFG says


        1. says

          Hello, you should use mod for skins

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