How To Create Custom Skins?

How To Create Custom Skins

As everyone playing this game you can design your own snake in First, we need to download slithere mods from google chrome store or which has Tampermonkey and chrome web store types.


Second, you need to disable all other add-ons on After installing the slithere mods. You will see the create or change skin type button below the screen on the left after running the mods. In addition, the form of graphics settings needs to be optimized to work properly.

snake 1

You will see 3 options that are Change Skins (W key), Skin Rotator, Create Your Skins. We briefly describe them. Change Skins (W key) shows skins that are pre-prepared in the mod. Skin Rotator sets the speed of change skins in the mod. In addition, do not forget to tick Change Skins. Create Your Skins help you creating custom skins according to your wishes.

We click Create Your Skins button and then opening the snake settings part. In this section, you can change the snake colors by clicking on the color box. If you want to increase the number of colors on the snake, you may click add color stop button. You can add up how many colors you want. Cell numbers adjust the color range on the snake. We usually recommend 7 cells because colors look better.

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    1. kendi skinini yapmak isteyenler sitenin youtube adresindeki videoyu izleyebilir bende yapamıyordum izleyince yaptım.

    1. Hi Damien, you need to download slithere mod to your web browser.The mod has feature which is ‘create your skin’.

    1. Hi fabian, you need to download slithere mod to your web browser and then you will see pre-made skins.

  1. i don’t know what picture too use.I don’t know if i should use my YouTube account picture or something else…..i’ll just use youtube one.Also can you go subscribe too my channel?PLZZZZZZ!!!

  2. Add to your events, so you can create your own flag ( that Thing in the head of the snake )

    1. Hi Borsa, snake settings are showing detailed 3rd picture such as colors, cells and so on.

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