How To Become a Pro at

How To Become a Pro at has already gained the popularity of in the online game sector. A lot of players are playing globally. Many people shared their videos about which includes their success. We describe the general tactics of the game on this subject. Everyone can play with better tactics.


Popular Tactics

  1. The easiest and the most useful forage. You should move slowly and let them think that you are a slow and noob snake. After you have deceived rivals, speed up on time, and kill them.
  2. Biggest rule: Smaller snakes are more powerful than bigger ones. Many players consider like ‘this one is too small to kill me. Hence, they carelessly move to other coordinates on the map. This consideration gives an advantage compared to middle and bigger snakes. In addition, It is also true that the small snake more agile and flexible.
  3. You can stay back when someone who wants to kill you stands you closely. Then, you should increase the speed of your snake and intercept the moving direction of the enemy.
  4. Enemies, which act slowly even if there is no real threat around, are a noob. You must use your speed against slow snakes. You must follow and kill them.
  5. Snakes, which always move in direction of their tails to move safely, are probably noobs or bots. If they are noobs, they will attack you quickly. You should follow and kill them carefully.
  6. When you are a small snake, you keep following the big snakes and distort them. Finally, they will get angry and want to kill you. They will make mistakes because they are angry.
  7. You can encircle around the enemies which try to encircle around other snakes. In addition, You must have a bigger size than the enemy snake.
  8. If you are long enough, you can expand your circle while blockading.
  9. Many snakes try to race with you, you can race with them and then watch their accident to other snakes.
  10. You must play aggressively if you want to grow faster or enter the leaderboard. Always use speed but, also try to play carefully.
  11. Border trap, you race until the border of the map. When you reach borders, slow down a bit. If another snake enters between you and the border that is the time of killing enemies, speed up again and kill it.



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