Open Skins Mod

slitherio open skins mod offers you a great number of features as well as private skins such that you can have more enjoyment playing this multiplayer io game. In this game, you take the life of additional guys without difficulty and stay the finest with more than a few features. being a pristine game there aren’t any functional extensions as of now. However, there are quite a few skins and mods at hand.

On The Mod For Changing Skins In

Among the very exciting parts of this io game is its change skin aspect. Players have the option of changing the skin on their snakes. This is where the open skins mod comes into play. You have the option of picking from more than a few custom skins following the sharing of game on Twitter or Facebook. Making use of this mod is very simple.

For getting a skin set in this game all that you require doing is logging onto the game’s desktop version. Having had done that you are going to notice options for the sharing of the game on social media at the right corner at the lower part of the screen. Having had seen the option you require Clicking Share to Facebook or Share to Twitter. This is going to make a new tab open up. Having completed the sharing you require refreshing and clicking Change Skin that is visible on the left side at the base of the screen. Next, you require making use of the arrows for switching among skins.

Added Skins And Mods Of The Game

If you venture online you will find information regarding the installing of mods. These let you hook up with pals, witness coordinates, alter the backgrounds as well as put in even additional pristine skins to the snake of yours.


Click “Share to Facebook” or “Share to Twitter”. A new tab will open up.


Once you are done sharing, refresh and click “Change Skin” on the bottom left.

Use arrows to switch between skins.

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