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A snake game that is browser-based, the multiplayer can be improved with custom skins. Know how to create these custom skins.

How to Create Custom Skins? is a browser-based snake game that has become very popular already and is played by many gamers from different countries. Those who like arcade games and games will like what this game has on offer. The experience of playing this game can easily be amplified by custom skins, which go beyond what the original skins have on offer for its players. It is possible to get many custom-made skins in the mods for, such as Trump, Spongebob, F.C Barcelona, Hulk, and Iron Man. Find out about how to create your own custom skins.

Install Mods

First of all, you need to set up the chrome extension called Tampermonkey. You can download mods for from or the official Google Chrome store. Other than Google Chrome, you may use custom skins for with Mozilla, Opera, and other web browsers. custom skins

Disable Other Add-ons

Next, you will have to disable every other add-on for Once you set up the slithere mods, it will be possible for you to change or create a skin type button under the screen, at the left end, after you run the mods. You will also have to optimize the graphics settings in a proper way in order to ensure the proper functioning and create custom skins.

Choose From 3 Options

You can find three options:

  • Create Your Skins – It lets you develop custom skins as per your needs.
  • Skin Rotator – It adjusts the speed of skin changing within the mod.
  • Change Skins (W key) – It displays skins that are pre-built within the mod.

Click on the Create Your Skins button. This will open up the part for Snake settings, where it will be possible for you to click over the color box and change the colors of the skin. You can click the stop button for add color in case you wish to raise the number of colors for your snake. It will be possible for you to add the amount of color that you wish. The color range for the snake can be adjusted with Cell numbers. Generally, as many as 7 cells are suggested – so that the colors appear much better to look at.

In short, that is how you can create custom skins. The process is simple when you know the instructions for the same. It is possible to avoid a lot of complexities in this way.

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