Mod Extension SlitherePlus version 3.0


  • Zoom in , zoom out with Mouse
  • Current Map X/Y Position
  • FPS Counter
  • Play with your friends server list
  • Background Changer
  • Glow Reducert
  • Graphic Mode Selecter (High/Medium/Low)
  • Create Your Party System
  • Clan Tags System

How To Install VIDEO:

slitherio group agario group haxball group

10 Responses to Mod Extension SlitherePlus version 3.0

  1. gametips says:

    Wow cuz this is really goodexcellent work! Congrats and keep it up

  2. 조용범 says:


  3. Its ZyloX says:

    I got 198K with mod

  4. madine davies says:

    the game its amazing i liked this vid and mod these re realy helpfull.

  5. Ryore says:


  6. V1tal says:

    nice man!!!!

  7. Hive_Soviet says:

    Good job with advice

  8. fastMaus says:

    I undecided between 2.8 version and other 3.0 for using in game,
    As other more useful because it is untroubled script.

  9. Sirius says:

    This is really helpful for finding my freinds

  10. SaidBonubon says:

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing your script.I really love it.It is the easy way for eat others

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