Auto Snake Skin Changer Hack Version 1.0

slitherio skin changer is the online and much more developed edition of the former Snake game. In this game, you compete against additional players from all over the world online in a room that’s shared having orbs that you require eating for growing up.

You are free to play this game on iPad, iPhone as well as Android devices absolutely free of charge. This game has ads in between rounds. Then, there’s the game’s online edition that you can play using the browser on your PC. This is a game having numerous players. However, it has a very unassuming beginning and the game’s still being owned by a development side that has one man. The man is Steven Howse. By using the app you have the option of playing against additional players in a more vibrant and free-flowing adaptation of Snake.

The Way Of Playing

The fundamental principle is to navigate the snake of yours about the map and lift shimmering orbs for growing. With a simple Tap of a spot on top of your monitor, you can change direction. You can also do this by sliding your finger about the display. There is no way of pausing except when your opponent is AI. Lift as numerous orbs as possible while not letting the cranium of the snake of yours hit an additional snake. On hitting an additional snake, you’re going to pass away. You can intersect your individual snake easily. On you taking out an additional snake by getting them to strike you, you can amass shining orbs that make you grow up faster.

slitherio skin changer topic Skins

Now, you have the option of using skins in this game for changing your snake’s color and appearance. The Auto Snake Skin Changer mod helps you in this. The features that you get using this mod are:

  1. Standard Change
  2. Speedy Change
  3. Ultra speedy Change

Mod Extension (need Tampermonkey or others at bottom)

Small Download Now Button Red PNG

You must have [CLICK which one you want + if you dont want chrome use second download button]

Fast Skin Changer v1.0
Ultra Fast Skin Changer v1.0

How To Install VIDEO:

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