How To Create Custom Heads & Tails?

These days, many gamers play with different mods.Many features have been added with new update.You can put your own heads or tails on mod.We will briefly describe the insertion and adding method.First of all you need to download our mod from Google Webstore or you want use our mod, you can select types.The mod has two types of download methods which are tampermonkey and Google Webstore.You need to disable or remove other mods on your web browser.

After installing the application, you can see under the left side ‘Create or Change Skin’ button and then you need you click ‘Create Your Skin’. That’s it.

slither create your heads and tails

Image: You can add and upload your own heads and tails.Also, you can only add image files such as Jpeg, Png etc.

Antenna: If you choose this feature, your antenna will appear.However, if you remove the tick in the box, your antenna does not appear.

Width & Height: These features adjust width and height of your snake head or tail.We recommend that width and height should be below 200.

X & Y: You can set the coordinates of the head or tail that you uploaded at first.

Antenna Width: You can adjust the antenna length or width.There is the limitation which is 500.

Antenna Color: It helps to adjust your antenna color with transparent option.You may click the box if you do not want to see your snake antenna color.

Antenna Border Color: It present to set your antenna border color with transparent option.You may click the box if you do not want to see your snake antenna border color.

Eye Color: The feature changes the color of the eyes of the snake with transparent option.You may click the box if you do not want to see your snake eye color.

Eye Lens Color: It changes the color of the frame around the eyes of snake with transparent option.You may click the box if you do not want to see your snake eye lens color.

 Finally, you can forward your own skin which is made by you with contacting on our facebook page.Also, you can select pre-made custom skins if you do not want to create your skins

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  1. KARL says


  2. Hair Straightening Brush says

    That’s really cool!

  3. onilfortuna says

    slitherio te quiero

  4. gricealysa says

    HOw do I make the skin?

    1. says


      Download mods and apply the directions of creating skins in this topic.

  5. jose says

    how do u put heds to your own skin??

    1. says

      hi, click the create new skins on the application.

      1. Izayah.Schwartz says


  6. Berzerkinblaze says

    Will there ever be a code that can be copied and pasted to reuse skins?

    1. says

      Coming soon as possible

  7. Dorene Udley says


  8. adit says

    main bersih

  9. Karin says

    super game

  10. Doge says

    Where can I download it for FireFox?

    1. says
  11. Dog2puppy says

    My skin doesnt save.

    1. says

      Hi Dog2puppy, skin saving is not supporting because we do not control your desktep harddisk.

  12. MLG TerraGamer says

    I would like to post a skin

    1. says

      Hi MLG TerraGamer, you can contact us with our facebook page for way sharing your custom skin

    2. Ber says

      =) XD

    3. Sterilmikr says

      Sa tingin ko ito ay isang napakahusay na mod

  13. Onur says

    I don’t use Chrome.What can I do?

    1. says

      You can use firefox or opera with our mod.The mod does not have only one working area and has tampermonkey script which works on opera, firefox and chrome.

  14. says

    Good skins

  15. jklm says

    nao consigo baixar ajudem me

    1. says
  16. Bartek says


  17. Kane says


    I Have Tried Your Mod But I Am Confused,
    Can Other Players See My Custom Skin????

    1. says

      If you can show your custom skins in your youtube videos, they can see

  18. SC MC. KIENZE4 says


    1. ParentJoun says

      i agree

  19. Chuck says

    where can i download it?

  20. santino says

    quiero tener las skins que tiere androimers por que son re buenas

  21. Pablo says

    how do I disclose my skin for people who have this mod ?

    1. says

      Hi Pablo,
      Firstly, Thank you for using mode.You can contact us with our facebook page which is located in main web-page.

      1. Hi says


  22. abidig says

    How can I send my own skins

  23. mikkel says

    How do i get bots run into me ??

    1. says

      Hi mikkel, you need to use slithere multimod free version.

  24. Polak23p says

    How do i make a head? I can only make an antenna…

    1. says

      Hi Polak23p, You need to set coordinates of tail(antenna) to fit your heads. X and Y

      1. Carson says

        what are the X and Y?

        1. says

          Hi Carson,
          The x-axis is a horizontal line and the y-axis is a vertical line.

    2. tbvk55 says

      I’ve made custom head but i need to delevop my x and y for skin 🙂

  25. ondrej says

    je to super

  26. TOBIAS says


  27. imTernational7 says

    very very good i love you

  28. Tina says

    I have a problem , whenever I create a skin and choose an image to the antenna whenever I will create another and I change the image of the two antenna change, how can I change it ?!

    1. says

      You need to open new chrome for new skins.

  29. Lilian says

    I wonder how I can make two or more skins with different antennas and how can I send my skin so that in the future other people with the mod can use it ?

    1. says

      Hi Lilian,
      You can contact us with our facebook page for sharing your custom skins.Thank you!

      1. khoi says

        very good

    2. kekey says

      aku mau cheat boleh

  30. Thomas says

    How can I do to earn my skin people who have this mod ?????

    1. says

      You can use our facebook page for sharing your skins or contacting developers of mod.

    2. s l i t h e r . i o says

      man what do you mean?

  31. mel melon says

    why can i only have two skins and only one antenna??

    1. says

      Hi, you should re-download mod, and have to delete cookies and other mods.

  32. Pika says

    2 problems… how do i make heads on it and lets say i upload a image and it has white on it how do i get rid of the white on the image so it has no white?

    1. says

      First, You need to set coordinates of tail to fit your heads.Second, you need to use png format prevent white edges etc..

      1. Pika says

        also could you tell me the cords for the head?

        1. says

          It depends on your selection.

          1. Pika says

            is there anytthing you can sort out on ur facebook page or somet to help

          2. Pika says

            nvm i figured it out XD

      2. godwingamboa says

        godwin loved new skin

  33. elemanda PopDA45 says

    best 🙂

  34. Asla Apriliasya says

    How to download this application ??

    1. says
  35. luka says


  36. ALEJANDRO says

    me ha gustado mucho este mod seguid asi slithere

  37. jorge says

    my like

    1. jorge says

      I really like this mods because I can create my worms same

  38. LUIZ OTAVIO says


  39. yarik says


  40. adam says

    super gra

  41. MrNairob says

    thank you

  42. aldysptn says


  43. mehdiferdi says


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