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If you want to beat your opponent and get the highest score, then you are supposed to use hacks for your own convenience. You will get many hacks on the web. is considered to be some kind of 3D online multiplayer game where you have to beat your opponents and win it for yourself. This is such a shooting game where you are supposed to pick your own preferred class for owing the opponents within the multiple game modes. You can either play this game alone or you can play co-operating with the teammates to win it, whichever suits you best. Nevertheless, you can always resort to hacks for your convenience.

How To Play

There are 5 characters for you to select from. Choose a character and start playing the game. You will be given various tools and equipment to play this game in the best way possible. This game comes with some exciting and attractive features to make it fun for you. hacks

The basic purpose of playing this game is to keep fighting till the end of the game. The player with the maximum points is supposed to win it at last. There are different kinds of AI bots around which are considered to be quite strong. You have to avoid these bots at any cost as these will be putting their effort to damage you. You should let other players fight with these bots and you save your energy for the upcoming levels. Hacks and Tips

  • Things like characters and stories are not that important in this game for various reasons. In this game, you are merely a person with some kind of gun and you need to fight other opponents until you make more score than others and win. This game is available in two modes such as Free-For-All mode and Team Deathmatch mode. You can go for any of the modes according to your choice.


  • The game-play and control of the game are considered to be pretty impressive and amazing. You will be more than happy to play the game. You are just supposed to have high-speed internet to enjoy this game to the fullest.


  • You can occasionally use some hacks to beat your opponents and win the game. But if you always use the hacks then there will be no point and fun in playing this game whatsoever. Look on the internet you will surely get a lot of effective and useful hacks to play this game in the best way possible. Hacks (need Tampermonkey or others below)

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You must have 

VirusTotal Scan: Hacks

Players need to delete other hacks scripts!

Updated: 1 May 2020

Fast Keys

  • T: Change Auto Aim Mode
  • Y: Auto Aim Range
  • U: Activate Player Info and Wall Hack
  • P: Auto Reload
  • I: Unlimited Ammo
  • O: No Recoil
  • B: Change BunnyHop Mode

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