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Enjoy your favorite io game with new mods which introduces some attractive features making the game even more interesting. is an online multiplayer where surviving in a post-apocalyptic world is the main challenge of the game. Although many gamers claim this game to be a copy-paste of another game called but this game has some of its own characteristics features and some new mods.

The New Mods

  • You can zoom in and zoom out any time you want.
  • Share camp with friends.
  • Check your current location.
  • Select your own graphic mode.
  • All kinds of settings can be saved.
  • Mod option.
  • Zoom can be reset.
  • It has a brand new user interface.
  • Option for hot key. mods

The controls of are also quite simple, use the arrow keys or the W A S D keys for respective movements. Use the left click of the mouse to shoot or fight with your opponent. To collect food items and other resources, press E. Use the right click of the mouse to drop collected items. Any inexperienced player can grip this game very quickly. is basically a war zone where you have to survive the post-apocalyptic world with very little tools and food. Even in this world, there are going to be enemies who will be attacking you for more resources and food. If you are weak, having no tools or types of equipment to fight with then try to avoid these wars. In this simulation of post-apocalyptic world, no one can be trusted. Even the person with whom you are sharing the base with might kill you. That is why if you want to survive in this game for a really long time then you should gather tools and raw materials as soon as possible and build your own base camp. Building a base camp secures your position and your chances of staying in the game for long increases as well.

This game is quite intense thanks to the latest mods and people might get quite savage and merciless for resources and food. You have to acquire the necessary skill set and resources to save yourself from these attackers. Remember, not only your opponents but also inadequate food, resources, and tools might also lead to your death.

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