How To Play Battle Royale? battle royale

The aim of the battle royale is to be the last man standing. You can live once only in one game and there is no chance of respawning in game.

You starting the game with no items in your hand but a simple bag pack you have. There is a map in which you saw all the islands where you survive. With the help of a map, you have to kill your all opponents and win this game. a chicken dinner is also available for the winner of battle royale field.

Kill Your Opponents and Loot

You begin your journey with a simple backpack. Move around to find some weapons, ammo, scopes and, medical items in your surroundings with the help of a map. Eliminates other players in this game to increase your strength and get their loots. You have to survive longer than your opponents and win this game with chicken dinner. Your opponents are not the same; some are highly experienced and difficult to kill them. You have to make a strategy to kill your opponents very easily. battle royale

Eye on The Map and Stay Safe

There is only one factor that damages you is your opponent. The map is a very crucial factor to win the battle. Always keep your eyes on the map, the distance between you and your opponents. The map always aware you from the red zone which is also known as the dead zone of battle royale. This daily zone directly affects your health, if you stand in this red zone. You have to be very careful about this red zone. That’s why it is very essential to keep your eye on the map and stay safe.

What’s New in Battle Royale?

The grass is greener and looks very beautiful. The quantity of sand is lower and you can easily find your opponents. The desert rain is also very interesting from the gamer point of view. This game has some critical levels which are very tough and irritating sometimes. You get this irritating thing in every level with the increments in the level.

You have no idea about how much time you need to complete the level for battle royale. For those who have limited time, the squad node is a very useful feature. You have to save your game at that level you have and restart them after some time. There are many new weapons and final shootouts are also available.

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