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If you want to enjoy the full game then you have to use unblocked. The unblocked version of is found in with the other online multiplayer games. The sight not only has this game it has also got many interesting version for playing. This is a very fun game.

About The Game Unblocked

The story behind this game is that the world is flooded, there is no piece of land available for survival. All you have is a piece of the raft with limited resources and water. The aim behind the game is that you have to survive as long as possible by just floating in the ocean. This is a multiplayer game, so you have to survive along with the other player and the only mean by which you can survive for long is by the help of a better and more developed raft which has got better facilities with food supplies and water for drinking purpose is available. This game is not that easy as it sounds. unblocked

What Makes Unblocked Special?

You get to use new and more developed strategies which let you stay in the game for a longer time. There are many added features like you can change the background music, theme, you can change the key settings, change the player’s costume, and can also increase the speed of the raft if required.

The newly developed graphics makes the cartoon version of the characters more attractive. The gamer can add new skins. These little features increase the interest of the player. In the unblocked version, the player can zoom in and out, track his current location on the map, and also gets live updates from the current players.

The interaction with other PCs and computers has become easier with the help of cookies, and other sources like web beacons. There are definitely very few restrictions as compared to the old version. This version has been created by independent or private developers to increase the interest of other players.

The feature of online chat has increased the no of players playing this game. You can play with your friend by joining his IP and their FP’s can also be tracked with the help of FP counters.

So you should download unblocked as soon as possible.

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