Wormax2.io Mods

wormax2.io mods

If you have been looking for a good new game to play, you can try Wormax2.io – which is undoubtedly one of the finest slither games that you can find online today. The Wormax2.io is the sequel to the Wormax2.io game and is among the best games that you can play on the web. The game can be played on the original server, but it is highly recommended that you play it with wormax2.io mods, which provides different features to the players.

What are Wormax2.io Mods?

These can be assistive for you in plating with more features. While visiting the game, you can find buttons appearing and there can be various options for you to choose from. These mods can boost the overall game playing experience for you, and make you better as a player. The wormax2.io mods can give you extra features, which are not offered on the original servers.

Players using Wormax2.io mods have more features than regular players. Thus, the chance of eliminating normal players in the game is higher.

wormax2.io mods

What are the Settings for the Mods?

The usual settings for all the mods of this .io game include:

  • Adblock Plus+
  • Show FPS ON/OFF
  • Rainbow Background
  • Change Background
  • Zoom IN/OUT

The private settings include:

  • Adblock Plus+
  • Better Movement
  • Show Players
  • Auto Aim
  • Food Eater
  • Faster Move
  • Speed Hack

How Can You Get Wormax2.io Mods?

You must first download the mod script to your computer. You need to have a browser extension to run wormax2.io mods on your browser. You can install the Wormax2.io mods with the help of extensions such as:

  • NinjaKit
  • Violentmonkey
  • Greasemonkey
  • Tampermonkey

These can be installed from sources like github.com, iomods.org, and greasyfork.org. The wormax2.io mods can be played alone or along with millions of players from across the world. As the game is getting more and more popular, these figures are rising with each day.

How Can You Play Wormax2.io Game?

You have to use your mouse to provide your snake with directions and make it move automatically. The game has 3 power-ups and you can use them for a short span of time once you gather them. These are designed to be used just once, and when you use these will go away.

As Wormax2.io is a newer game, there are fewer wormax2.io mods to be found online. However, many developers are acting on bringing out their own private servers or mods for the game which can let players benefit from the wide range of hacks for the game. These actually help make the game more interesting and exciting for players.

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