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Some players have been looking for alternative in these days. The is nothing but a simple multiplayer game which is played online. There are other players who also play this game at the same time. alternative is simply. is known to be a very effective and popular online multiplayer game which is a resemblance of previously popular game Snake. The motive of this game is to create biggest snake in your arena.

Detail Description Of Alternative (

  • In the start of alternative, you are likely to put in an arena near centre of space. The snake of yours is very small initially. You are supposed to eat glowing balls in order grow in size. Eat as many balls as you can. Playing area is known to be extremely large that you only see a very small portion of the area on your screen. alternative

  • While moving on the arena, you are to effectively control the direction of your snake. In order to do this, you are supposed to place the finger on screen and eventually your snake is to follow that. An option is there which you can use to increase the speed. But it has a cost to pay. When your snake gets speed, a small portion of the snake gets reduced. Hence, comparatively longer snakes are supposed to get speed boost for longer duration.


  • The primary reason for the increased speed is to provide more competitiveness in the game. You are supposed to be careful. If a player’s snake hits another snake then it will immediately die and will become glowing ball only to be consumed by other snakes in the arena. There are some unique strategies that you can use in your favour.


  • Some players are there that utilize the speed boost for quickly encircling other players or just cut it off to make them crash and die immediately. In simple words, you need to get as many glowing balls as you can to become bigger in size before your opponents.


  • In typical scenario, the larger snakes are supposed to attack or target comparatively smaller snakes for the obvious reasons. Some players even go for completely opposite strategy. The players with smaller snake’s attack or target bigger snakes. The larger snakes drop more glowing balls when they die. Hence, it proves to be very profitable for a smaller snake if it can beat a larger snake in the arena.


It will be easier for you to play alternative if you do some research about the game-play of this game beforehand. This way you would be acquainted with every procedure and strategy required to win the game against your competitors.

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