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Know about some of the easy hacks that you can use to win the io game One of the best IO games, is an online Battle Royale game that allows playing with multiple players.

This increases the level of playing difficulty in this amazing point and shoot survival game. However, there are various easy hacks that can be used to enhance the overall playing experience.

Turn A Username Green

When you do this, it will ensure that nobody consumes you. This will make you larger in size, and bag more XP. If you wish to be the last player surviving in the game, you have to use this hack. It is just in the cold region – either Snow or Ice – that a green username dies.

Use The Farm and Water Areas

There are four different regions in the game map – Ice, Snow, Water, and Farms. Snow and Ice maps are fraught with dangers, and there are higher risks for you to die in these places. The Farm and Water areas are very lovely. You can find enough food in these places to become bigger. Unlike other IO games, the game map does not have a Zoom feature. It is expected that this will be added soon to be game. However, some independent developers have made it available already on private or unblocked servers. hacks

Make Use of Mods, Easy Hacks

The game, just like any other IO game, lets you avail of various wonderful mods. When you use these hacks, you can get the opportunity to have an edge over your adversaries. Although these are not available in, there is no need for you to be concerned about the same. These mods will be made and published by developers across the globe.

Have Two Weapons by Your Side

Always try to ensure that you have two weapons by your side, which would make it easier to keep you covered all the time. You should follow all the important directions, and remember which key stands for which thing. Once you have complete control of the keys, it will be more convenient for you to win the battle.

There are basic key movements to follow, and you can move with the keys A, D, S, and W. Use the left click of your mouse to point and shoot at your antagonists. Press F to collect the loot. You can carry at most two weapons, and you should ensure that you carry the best ones with you. This is one of the most important hacks to follow.

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