Hacks hacks is a wonderful survival game from Pelican Party Studios, a Netherlands-based team of developers. The game has been built on HTML5 technology, and can easily work on the modern browsers out there. hacks are aimed at making the game-play more interesting and providing you with more features and capabilities.

How Can Hacks Help You?

There are various tricks and tips associated with the game. You can get a few advantages in jumping when you happen to be the smallest in size. You have to be the last chicken to stand in the battle, and thus you need to gather as much corn as is possible for you. With hacks, you can activate the Full Screen mode and also unlock a few important skills to improve your experience of playing the game. hacks

You have to the best of the 80 chicks that are there in the colorful yard of the game. As a chick, you need to maintain your own balance on a shifting metal plate and try to kick the rest to their death. Be careful, however, given that the plate changes shape all the while and nobody likes to lose. The metal plate of the grinder leaves no stones turned to make your minced meat.

How to Win Game?

You are a small-sized chicken at the start. Try eating the corn on the metal plate corner in order to grow properly. Even in case you fall, it would not be a dramatic end. You can still attempt to fly back on the yard by repeatedly pressing the space bar. Be cautious, however! The floor would shrink in the end, and the game can be spectacularly tough.

As you enter this game, you would combat other players in the style of Battle Royale. In this battle, you can find 80 varied players from across the globe. Your task is to combat one of these players. Use some moves like dashing, jumping, sprinting, and walking for the battle. You will also have to eat plenty of corn to get bigger in size. You can push other players easily out of the battle. If you manage to stay put until the end, you can obtain the highest score bonus and also become the chicken king. There are hacks available for free, which can be very useful for you in improving your overall experience of playing the game.

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