Apk Download Free apk is a very popular battle game in which players are fighting with each other to standing last one in the arena. Players in this game have a variety of options on their weapons, clothing, armor, and many other items. You have to survive on an island to win a chicken dinner. You have to tackle your opponents on this island. You can easily download apk game from the play store and play with your friends.

How Can You Get Ammo?

Ammunition is a very important thing in app game, you have to find this ammunition and grab it very quickly as every player wants this ammunition. It looks like a colorful small block on every part of the grounds. You have to get this ammo that fulfills your requirements in the battle. apk

How To Use Consumables in Apk?

There are many ways in the game but one of the easiest ways to use a health kit, you have to left click on the item and got it. you also use some more shortcuts to get this health item, use 7,8,9, and 0 keys to gets the medkits, bandages, sodas, and pills.

How Do You Pick Up Items?

There are several items in this game; you have to pick items that are very essential for you. You have to pick the right items at right time to survive long in the battleground and win the chicken dinner. Firstly you have to find the items which you want and just press the f button or key on the items. apk is one of the most popular top-down battle games on mobile. This game has both options of playing single and multiplayer. You can easily play this game with your family and enjoys it. There are several stages and several opponents in front of you at every stage. You have to kill your opponents and clear the stages one by one and stand alone in the end.

You have to increase your efforts to be in the game and gave competition to your opponents. Survival becomes very difficult in the app with the increase in the level. The quality and the gameplay of this game are excellent. There is an update of this game is also available, you have to update and enjoys some more interesting features.

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App by Creative Brains, Inc.

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