Guide To Survive guide is an io game that is set in the post apocalyptic world where nature has taken back all its rights. You as a player would need to build a bunker and accumulate weapons and get ready to protect yourself and secure food. guide to survival is one of the best ways to protect yourself in the game.

Spending Points on Vision guide would help you to walk through the game It is advisable not to spend any points on vision until everything has been well researched and you have found out what you need. The vision does not help you to survive for a long time. It is more convenient and only the level 3 vision would have an impact on your viewpoint. Do not use the points on something which is irrelevant. Save them well until you have researched well. It is better to save the points for a higher level. guide

All you need to do is scare people away from the base in Do not chase people down as this will leave your base completely unguarded and you would become vulnerable at the same time as you would be running out of stamina and energy and would run into bigger groups of people. It is crucial not to kill anyone as this will help you to gain more experience. Do not build multiple accessories for yourself.

You can build one piece of furniture and maybe multiple fireplaces for fast crafting of items. Use only points that are not needed on the inventory slots. Use can spend the points for better things after all.

Where Can You Find Guide?

The guide is available on various online websites. You can also build the steel base with a number of controls. In addition, you can start by crafting a hatchet by clicking on the C button and unlock the skills when you start leveling up. You need to gather enough food to make seeds and create your own food. You can also make a hat and warm up to improve the tools to help protect the guns. Take care of the radiation as well.

Play this interesting ad mind boggling game for free with a number of other players. This is one of the best games that you would love to play and spend time in. The guide is one of the best ways by which you can keep your players engaged in an entertaining and mind boggling game. This helps you generate as much in App purchases as you require and if you want to purchase more

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