Amethyst Helmet amethyst helmet Amethyst Helmet is the second highest tier of helmets, which can be well equipped while playing the game. While wearing the helmet the player is less damaged from mobs, spikes as well as other players who are waiting to harm you.

What You Need To Know About Helmets

Helmets are headwear that provides steady protection against damage from players, spikes, fires, and mobs when equipped well. Helmets do not help to reduce cold. They are just used for combats since they protect against other players as opposed to mobs. Once players are equipped with helmets there is a timer of several seconds before the helmet can be de equipped. In order to craft any kind of helmet, players would require a workbench. Helmets are categorized into stone helmets, golden helmets, diamond, Amethyst helmet, and Dragon helmet. amethyst helmet

Information About Amethyst Helmet Amethyst Helmet can be upgraded to the dragon helmet. Upgrading to the amethyst helmet takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds, making it necessary that players have anĀ IKEA ManualĀ in hand before crafting, with full food and water bars and substantial cold protection. Amethyst Helmet provides strong protection among the second tier of helmets. It requires 150 gold, 120 diamonds, 80 amethysts, and a diamond helmet to be crafted. You would also need to have the IKEA manual in order to craft the helmet.

How To Get Amethyst Helmet Amethyst Helmet can be obtained by trapping the dragons. The door is well preferred, as the dragons cannot access the open doors. The amethyst helmet is highly protective and will protect you well from all other opponents on the board. Try playing the game and you would love it as well!

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