Christmas Mod 7.2 still maintains its popularity in these days. Many io games were designed with inspiration from’s game style but they are not as successful as A lot of players also achieved record scores in with normal mod but no one was able to achieve success with the Christmas pack. Today, we introduce you the Christmas Pack update that is ready to be played. We hope you will love new year skins.

As you may remember, the classical features of slithere mod. These are custom skins, mouse zoom in-out, connecting with your friends in the same server, to see your current X/Y position, background changer, skins creator and to set more functions. We are happy to inform our new skins which are Christmas Elf, Christmas Hat, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Gift Box, Santa Claus, Snowflake and Reindeer with Santa Claus. Also, You will see the Christmas-specific background which you have installed this update. These features are special for the beginning of the year. You might be the first to recorder of new videos and share on YouTube. Christmas

Many players were complaining about lag troubles while playing Therefore, we optimized the skins to decrease lag problem when you are playing with our mod. You can use mod 7.2 more efficiently than other modes that means the skins will now load more quickly and play more smoothly. In addition, you will be able to reach the 1st point immediately while your opponents are struggling with the lag. In brief, this mode will give you great advantage over other players.
Of course you can send us your Christmas related skins up to the new year, and the other players will play with your skins. If you create private skins please send message to:
Merry Christmas

Mod Extension (need tampermonkey or others at bottom)

You must have [CLICK which one you want + if you dont want chrome use second download button]

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  1. aru says

    Where the script version for greasymonkey?

    1. says

      We have shared this mod in only Google Chrome Webstore. Don’t worry, you can contact with our facebook page about this topic.

  2. Veechick says

    I don’t know how to download the Christmas pack can anyone help

    1. says

      Hello, need to click download button.

  3. Christi Jaeger says

    I can’t play anymore because it lags so badly. It only started happening after the update 🙁

    1. says

      Hello Christi,
      it was fixed. Enjoy!

  4. rxjf says


  5. kkauaa says

    eu querro paz e amor

  6. GIORGI says


  7. onzinebabouingta says

    magnifique le jeux

  8. squux says

    what downoald???

      1. Tonia Thomas says

        it is bad as i played it on the phone

        1. says

          We suggest that play the game on desktop

  9. wiliams vc says

    soy pro

  10. Robin Arens says

    i mostly have those plants vs zombies skins! if they are not in the slithere mod,slithere! i can cry as a wolf!

  11. anthony says


  12. Gaming says

    Hey Guys I Just Found Out About Dis Mod I Have Downloaded Dis Extension To My Chrome So Ye Congrats Dude!

    1. Zara says

      hi, your server is really nice and i cant so really goood thanx for your server, byeee!

      good day, Zara! <3

  13. leqso says

    new skins good

    1. ralouko says

      ajaja con esto si que me bolbi un pro

  14. Robin Arens says

    Hey slithere,CAN you make also plants vs zombies skiins plants vs zombies skins from popcap?

    1. Robin Arens says

      aand if not i’ll get a atom bomb icon that can destroy this page!

  15. cesar god 1 says

    ajaja con esto si que me bolbi un pro

  16. Sakebany says


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