Slithere Mod Extension Version 2.9.2 game is going to bring you much delightful features. This happens to be an eminent snake game that presents you with the opportunity of practicing your skill of survival. You’re going get started being a minute snake before moving it about the arena for absorbing as a great deal of the multi colored pellets as possible.


This happens to be lone way of helping you turn increasingly greater and lengthier. This game features an exclusive gameplay as well as an amazing rule. If you’ve nice ploys and exceptional skills, you’re going to be successful in killing a larger snake even in the event of you being lesser sized. Snakes have the ability of killing one another notwithstanding their size. On you accidently letting the snake of yours collide against bodies of additional snakes, you’re going to die! Your aim is becoming the greatest snake of the server! Thus, you must play the game wisely!

On Mods

The many a mod is going to let the players experience several overwhelming features that they are going to get from the game’s original version. With such mods, all of the players have the ability of finding out additional tips, tricks, using additional skins, and additional hacks to make the game easier for them. They even have the option of saving their nicks and selecting their preferred server!

With such mods you get:

  • Limitless Lives
  • A great score on the snake of yours
  • Unlocked novel snake skins such that you get your own exclusive looking snake
  • Day-to-day Update and additional features are going to added gradually
  • God mode on the snake of yours such that you are not going to meet your death all that easily
  • And a great deal more

For knowing more about how such mods can help with your gameplay venture online. There’s a plethora of information online.


  • Mouse zoom in , zoom out control
  • See your current X/Y Position
  • See your FPS
  • Connect with your friends to same server
  • Change your background
  • Glow seem low / high setting
  • Choose your graphic mode (High/Medium/Low)
  • Direct connect server list
  • Auto Nick and Setting Save
  • [ESC] Restart Game
  • [W] Snake Skin Changer Auto
  • [Q] Go To Main Menu
  • [TAB] Open/Close Hud Menu
  • [Z] Reset Zoom Settings
  • [SHIFT] Speed up in game

Mod Extension (need tampermonkey or others at bottom)

You must have [CLICK which one you want + if you dont want chrome use second download button]

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  1. Alemınkralı says

    Cok iyiiii

    1. adamadam says

      wheres the download

  2. Jumporr says

    It is good hack

  3. Olcaytogfreanxes says

    its properties are adequate thank to your work

  4. Samuel Gorham says

    How do I use these hacks

  5. samsonite12 says

    works perfectly, also i want to use speed hack, please add this thank you

  6. Qestanee says

    the mod is working fine but your bot needs to develop..

  7. altarax says


  8. Gomez says

    schön sharing dank

  9. рынок says

    змея смены кожи очень хорошо

  10. Honololu says

    it is very useful and has a many features facilitate the game.Thus, i won the game first ranking.Thank you slithere extension

  11. AlexSouza says

    wow it is the best mod

  12. Koulatko says

    This is awesome!!

  13. batata says

    Congratulations, u ruined :)

  14. RDDAFTER says

    So you mean unfair like beeing able to zoom out?

  15. Switch1234 says

    i liked, i will use every game, zoom is the best feature for me.When i have the mod, i will kill many enemies.It is really funny.

  16. xAsTx says

    you should add the option to sound feature, thanks

    1. says


      We will develop the mod


  17. kombiustası says

    sagolasin gozum isimize yaradi

  18. AntidoteGaming says

    It works really great!The skin rotator is a awesome feature because it attracts many player to your trap.

  19. cafecrown78 says

    it helped my friends and i play together

  20. Just-Watch says

    incredible ^^

  21. GeorgeTyuy says

    it is perfect but you need develop this mod because we want to more hahahah

  22. MyDonalds says

    great mod thanks

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