Mod Extension SlitherePlus version 4.0


  • Zoom in , zoom out with Mouse
  • Current Map X/Y Position
  • FPS Counter
  • Play with your friends server list
  • Background Changer
  • Glow Reducer
  • Graphic Mode Selecter (High/Medium/Low)
  • Create Your Party System
  • Clan Tags System
  • Connected Server System
  • Shortcuts System
  • Chatbox system
  • [TAB] Toggle Hud
  • [E] Previous Skin
  • [R] Next skin
  • [1-6] Keys other features


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How To Install VIDEO:

slitherio group agario group haxball group

36 Responses to Mod Extension SlitherePlus version 4.0

  1. abel says:

    me parese bien

  2. Bradly Vanwyhe says:


  3. Sam Gettis says:


  4. Andreea says:

    Good hack

  5. Synch3 says:

    Thanks really beneficial certainly share site with my buddies

  6. davut says:

    if i download this mod maybe i wile play better

  7. gugger says:

    i like it but i can only use one skin

  8. JamesRodro says:

    great job thx

  9. Jadson987 says:

    Eu coloquei mods Desse Jogo
    Ta legal

  10. Lucas says:

    Das Perfekte super coole Spiel für zu Hause.Man kann mit anderen anline spielen und es einfach geniesen

  11. Patric Svärdberg says:

    Супер так намного лекче играть стало:)

  12. Андрей Вов says:

    етот мод мне очинь помог

  13. Галя Маних says:

    Круто!!! Разраб молодец

  14. der ve gider says:

    awsome u love it so much this is the BEST!!

  15. newrophat says:

    It is really good all six of my friends were playing together in a computer class with me!!

  16. spoiler4all says:

    Awesome! Really helped me

  17. pradacalvin says:

    it did work i can chat and everyone 🙂

  18. MotherLucker says:

    it is really handsome i want to marry this game :)))

  19. SwordDancing says:

    Zoom in and out, more skins, option to lower graphics to avoid lag. Its great!

  20. FcDortmund says:

    Ich bin der König der slitherio

  21. inishmore says:

    Kiitos auttoi minua voittaa kohdissa peliä

  22. himmet_dal says:

    veľmi dobre^^

  23. MikaHakkinen says:

    все функции работают хорошо спасибо

  24. Master_Evil says:

    I can finally zoom out. Btw nice record mine is 12000

  25. Jacques says:

    helpful in making the game easier to play

  26. TheHighLife says:

    best mod ever thanks glad you got it

  27. bardaktaki says:


  28. theyellow says:

    It’s awesome! I love that you can use the randomizer and that you can zoom in and out. I really find these hacks are really good. Now I can also play with my friends if they are in a different server.

  29. annyd says:


  30. unicornek says:

    its so good i have the hack the looking hack its so good!

  31. khytr89 says:

    it was lovely and helpful

  32. Peacy says:

    Hi I love your mod but i have a problem wich was not occurring before, i installed v4.0 and i can’t change my skin trough the skin menu anymore. I still can change the original skins in menu but when i get on the custom skins it’s like it doesn’t save the skin it replace the saved custom skin with one of the originals. I can stil get my custom skins with E and R keys but i gotta do it everytime i die. Any clue how i can fix this?

    • says:

      Hello, fixed that skins in game we will try to find new one. Dont forget to look day to day

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