MultiBot Elite Slitherio Bots (Free Version)


  • Ultimate Free Bots that come and die to you
  • You can watch that video to how to install
  • X – Key for speed up you bots.

You need to download of three things for working.



You must have [CLICK which one you want]


slitherio group agario group haxball group

38 Responses to MultiBot Elite Slitherio Bots (Free Version)

  1. Zagalubak says:

    Very good website, continue the beneficial job thnx

  2. kemal says:

    saya bermain

  3. wahyu says:

    thanks bots succes 🙂

  4. Maybe we should have the strongest pc xD

  5. Sufiyan Shiekh says:

    Thank You Very Very Much!!!

  6. arrthur says:

    great ty

  7. gh says:

    i did every thing the bots are just not coming im using a mac is that the problem?

  8. tungdinh says:

    khi nào có phiên bản hack bots mới

  9. tungdinh says:

    What kind of solid increase hack bots

  10. J says:

    cant open the zip

  11. tungdinh says:

    When a new version

  12. Ye MUM says:

    Any way to make it work on mac?? pls respond

  13. Ant says:

    Why i only have not more than 10 bots???

  14. :( says:

    why does my one load only 1 or 2 at a time?

  15. Jeff333 says:

    how do you delete mods

  16. BLACK says:

    How to do it i cant understand what did he do at the last

  17. ISMOKEDOPE says:

    I am scanning it now.. But first must extract to desktop so far it looks fine

  18. JBatuhan says:

    key point is big snake.when you have big snake about 20-30K , many bots are coming to me

  19. dedalus4040 says:

    complex but useful bot

  20. fromhellhoun says:

    it freezes after a little more than 250 snakes hahahahahaha thank you so much

  21. Faithful Blood Day says:

    I love it I love it I love it

  22. Vieux12 says:

    wirklich gut 🙂

  23. ReflexAction says:

    WOW i dont belive because it works wow 130 bot snakes are coming to me and increased my exp XD very very good

  24. Player says:

    I Cant Use The Bots

  25. nik says:

    baraaavavava bravoooo

  26. NoobSnake says:

    They are working thank you

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