MultiBot Elite Slitherio Bots (Free Version)

slitherio mod multibot lag mod happens to be among the vital tools that you simply require recognizing in the escapade that you enjoy in lag issues in the fact is that there isn’t a single lag mod. The fact is that folks happened to experience lag during the primary occasions during which the game did go viral. Multi Mod For Lag Issues

In such instances, individuals who took part in on more than a few original servers happened to experience an extreme degree of lag and thus they had a preference for mods that aren’t populated as the original servers are. Thus, there was a need that an increasing number of people could take part in the recreation throughout the mods sans the requirement for any lag dilemmas. it is however definitely among the trustworthy answers that lie within the experience that you’re going to experience and enjoy any less downside. Above and beyond the elimination of the lag, such mods similarly present you with hacks.

slither io mod multibots

These happen to be the options that are only going to be carried out on non-public servers and not on any of the original servers. A fact that should be noted is that each of the game hacks presented in mods is going to be accessible to those who’re going to take part in on all such servers.

Requirements Before Running Such Mods

  1. Before you run any mod no lag you must disable each additional extension as well as scripts.
  2. Talking about the way of installing user scripts you must use:
  3. Greasemonkey for Firefox and analogous browsers:
  4. Tampermonkey for Chromium, Google Chrome, and associated browsers:
  5. Tampermonkey /Violentmonkey for Opera (version No. 15 & later)
  6. Opera version No. 12 & earlier does support user scripts but natively. Violentmonkey presents a more user-friendly UI and improved compatibility.


  • Ultimate Free Bots that come and die to you
  • You can watch that video on how to install
  • X – Key for speed up your bots.

You need to download of three things for work.



You must have [CLICK which one you want]



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  1. i did every thing the bots are just not coming im using a mac is that the problem?

    1. There is not special methods, right click and then delete zips.

  2. I am scanning it now.. But first must extract to desktop so far it looks fine

  3. key point is big snake.when you have big snake about 20-30K , many bots are coming to me

  4. it freezes after a little more than 250 snakes hahahahahaha thank you so much

  5. WOW i dont belive because it works wow 130 bot snakes are coming to me and increased my exp XD very very good

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