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slither io play with friends

The setting up of the play with your friends mod in slither is quite a simple affair, and you are not going to have any difficulty in completing this. However, there is a single caveat to it. In the section below we are going to discuss the installation and more.

Installation Of Play With Your Friends

The first step in the setting up of play with your friends mod is the setting up of my user script, for Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey based on the browser that you are using. The second step is the blocking of the original game’s javascript, for preventing having this game run two times, a single instance of the original game, and an instance of the modified one. This is accomplishable by making use of AdBlock Plus.

You’re done. Get pleasure from playing with the pals of yours. You ought to play a single time and meet your death and thus you reach replay monitor and you are going to notice the IP address of yours underneath your score. Subsequently, a friend is at liberty to copy the address into the connect bar of his before connecting. Keep in wait for a couple of seconds or so and he’s going to mechanically connect to that room.

You are also at liberty to witness the coordinates of yours and thus you along with your pals are free to find one another. The coordinates of yours are displayed at the left corner of the base of the screen. Keep a check on the game leader board for confirming that you’re in the identical room.

slither io play friends

Blocking Of The JS

This process is an easy one in the event of you using AdBlock Plus. Make a click on the AdBlock Plus icon present in the bar of yours, and make a click on “Open blockable items”.

Subsequently, make a right-click on this game’s js script and make a right-click on that followed by a click on Block this item. Now, you’re set for playing with your pals.

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