Bot Hack, Bot Cheat Updated Version 0.3.8 is one of the most common multiplayer games, which can be played on a number of platforms. The game is fun to play, and it has a lot of competition, making the game more interesting, among the players. You can play the game on a number of devices.

The game is all about the life of a snake, which you will have to control with your pointing device. You will have to control the snake, and pick up food items on the way to grow bigger. The only aspect is that, you will have to avoid collision with other snakes. Once the head of your snake collide with the body of another snake in the game, you will die, and the game will be over. Thus, you will have to take care of that.


If you want to play the game, you’ll have to visit the link, enter a nickname, and click on play game to start playing the game. That was the game starts, you left control your own snake with the help of the mouse, or any other pointing device, which you have. The snake will move automatically in the forward direction, and you’ll have two left click on your mouse in order to make the snake move faster, certain period of time.


The more the more time you survive and consume food items within the game, you will move towards the top of the leaderboard, and that is the intention of the game. You can enjoy the game on your other devices as well, and to enjoy the game on your smartphone, you will have to download the app on your smartphone to play the game. Apart from playing the game, you can also take the advantages of using any mod to unlock some privileges within the game.

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser

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  2. Eduardo says

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  3. bestogbeide says

    where do you press to enter the game? sombody help

    1. tranquila says

      i press T in the keyboard and then it work…

  4. Bkostiq says

    If some of the problems will be corrected even better

    1. says


      It is a beta version we ll update

  5. takatukinke says

    nice bot

  6. Markund says

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    After opening many tabs grown snake, kill them all. It is perfect tactic with this mod

    1. andres bolanos says

      i love you slitherio

  13. nxtWikz says

    How to enable bot ?Can u help me???

    1. says


      You can watch video which has details for you

      1. Luis Peqini says


        1. Daniel Agger says

          hey man T and U keys for bot, i am using now

          1. Luis Peqini says

            But it doesn’t f***ing work, what do i do?

          2. Luis Peqini says

            OH THANKS NOW ITS WORKING, I dunno why the other times it wasnt working! BUT THANKS AGAIN.

          3. Daniel Agger says

            no problem man

  14. _Ritter_ says

    Expect more in the development, it has enough specialties now

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