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bonk.io app

Bonk.io refers to a multiplayer online physics-based game. In this game, there can be as many as six players in a single room. Stay alive, shoot as well as bonk others, make an attempt to keep the character of yours alive, push your foes right off the periphery of the level and be the winner of the battle. Using the bonk.io app you can also play the game on your android phone.

The Way Of Playing Bonk.io Game

Having downloaded the bonk.io app on your phone and have installed the application you can commence playing the game. You must make use of the arrows for moving about, and hold on to the X button for making yourself weightier. At the time that you have become heavy, your momentum is a great deal more. This is the reason why you are going to bonk foes a great deal further. You are also a great more difficult for pushing about. On the other hand, your ability to maneuver is going to become a great deal less!


Bonk.io App Downloading

Having downloaded the bonk.io app on your android device and having installed the application you are to combat anybody from everyplace from across the world online! This app gets updated on a frequent basis and each update has new features as well as improvements. This is the reason for which you require checking the online resources that make the app available for download on a frequent basis!


Your key objective after you have downloaded the bonk.io app on your android device is to be incomplete charge of your bouncy avatar and remain the final bonk.io standing. You’re going to be impelled to a succession of testing and volatile levels and you require prevailing over your foe by remaining the final bonk standing on the arena. All of you, who feel that they are capable of mastering this breathtaking game efficiently, must not hesitate to look at this game and watch how far you’re able to go.

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