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slitherio mods

With slitherio mods you will find more information and knowledge on how to play the game with your friends and get to know how to win it.

As the gaming world goes into overdrive with all the new releases that have been happening over the past years, it is no news that kids along with older generation people love to play games as a means of recreation or as a particular habit. Slitherio mods is one of the games that have caught the attention of gamers. People already familiar with slitherio have heard about this new game.

Games in private servers are well defined and have a lot more features that you can play and explore all too well. Slitherio mods fall under this category of the game which uses a private server and provides the gamers with a lot more to expect, play and explore as well. Slitherio being the original version of the game, the mods provide a better version of the game that you can play with ease.

slitherio mods

Advantages Of Playing Slitherio Mods

  • With the new features and innovations on the old version of the game, you get a better gaming experience and you can even expect to have a lot more fun playing your way through the same game but with better variations.
  • You will not be interrupted with game mechanics and have better options of zooming in and out of the game to have a better look at what will be your next move.
  • These are mostly hacks that provide you the opportunity to up your game a notch and get a better chance at winning the game over others who have been struggling to do so for far more time.
  • It is also to be noted that since some of the mods offer you all the extra features, some of them allow you to turn on and off these features and play the game as you wish and like it.
  • You will get a lot of slitherio mods over the internet as they are available easily for those who care to look and take advantage of what’s provided to them.

Slitherio mods provide you with a lot more features to play with and you can experiment with something new that you might like and use to win your game.

Features Of Mods

  1. Country Flags Skins
  2. Team Logo Skins
  3. Create your Skins
  4. Mouse zoom in, zoom out control
  5. See your current X/Y Position
  6. Monitor your FPS
  7. See your Best Score
  8. Connect with your friends to same server
  9. Direct connect server list
  10. Auto Nick and Settings Saving
  11. Changer Your Background
  12. Game Graphic Mode (low/normal/optimized)
  13. Default Graphic Mode (Low/High)
  14. Selection Tags
  15. Skin Rotator Timer
  16. New Menu

Mod Extension (need Tampermonkey or others at bottom)

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