The Best Slitherio Clone for Android

slitherio clone

A wonderful browser-based multiplayer game, slitherio has a number of clone games that are equally appealing to play. In this article, we are going to talk about the best slitherio clone in the io world.

Slitherio Clone – What Are The Best Games?

Slitherio is a fantastic multiplayer game that is browser-based and consists of many snakes that gobble food pellets to become bigger in size. Even if you have not actually played this game, you must have heard about this .io game. The game demands that you survive for long enough to become large enough to consume the snakes of your opponent players to win the game. Smashing the head of your snake with another one will end the game for you. slitherio clone games are imitations of the original game. Find out about some of the best clones for the game.

slitherio clone


You need to play this on a device that runs the Android platform. You need to control your snake that extends as long as possible while taking care that it does not coil itself back. With this game, the best part is the fact that it has to be played online and looks similar to the actual game. It is simple, entertaining and addictive, and can be highly satisfying when you can beat your own score. It is one of the best clones for the slitherio game. Many students and game developers are coming out with similar slitherio clone games in order to appeal to players who like the slithery experience offered by the original game.

It involves playing with – hold your breath – bacteria! You have to play here in the shape of a cell in a petri dish, gobble up smaller cells than you and continue. The more that you gobble up other cells which belong to other players in the game, the faster you can increase your size and become larger enough to win the game. There is the chance to split your cell in order to add more competitiveness to the game so that you can consume other cells faster and more easily. If you want the unique experience of how playing as a bacteria is like, you can try this game.

There are some other interesting clones for the game, which include Last Star, Nebulous, and Super Snake. Although all the games are basically imitations of the slitherio game, you can enjoy some amount of variation despite the theme being similar. This is the beauty of the slitherio clone games – diversity in unity. You can play the games on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop – in any way and at any time that you like.

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